These uncelebrated yet truly great individuals were martyred in freeing the nation

Moradabad: Today, we are observing India’s autonomy. India’s 125 crore individuals are submerged in the festival of India’s freedom by spreading out the tricolor. When we take in the free nation, we will recall the saints whose penances gave us opportunity. For that, our predecessors gave such a significant number of penances. Out of that, we recall a few penances and some were lost in the pages of history. We are informing you regarding a portion of the missing penances.

Sufi Amba Prasad

The dad of Sufi Amba Prasad, Govind Prasad Bhatnagar was dwelling in Agwanpur, Moradabad. In 1835, he started to live in the city’s law, Goyan Street. He came here and introduced a printing machine to run his attack. It is accepted that Sufi Amba Prasad was conceived in 1858. He had a generally excellent information on Hindi, Urdu, Persian. In 1887, he took the star Hind paper. In 1890, the magazine was begun by the name ‘ Bull-Uloom ‘. The two papers and magazines were in Urdu. Through the paper, he roused individuals to battle for opportunity. The British didn’t think that its great and the British started to give a dambish to the capture of Amba Prasad. To get away from the British, he went to Punjab from Moradabad in 1905. He kicked the bucket in Iran, where there is as yet a mela at his Mazar in Iran. The law is still attacked in Goyan.

Many martyred namelessly

In 1930, a huge number of individuals assembled at the municipal center of Moradabad to run the Salt Satyagraha development. The British shot to scatter the fomenters, including Madan Mohan, Rahmat Ullah, Latif Ahmad, Nazir Ahmad and four unknown individuals. In fight, many individuals were captured at Jama Masjid.

Not uncovered of saints

The individuals of Moradabad region were captured on ninth August 1942. In fight, a parade drove by Ram Mohan Lal was being drawn on August 10. The British DM WA police chief took shots at the container Driba to scatter the individuals who were taking the parade, including Motilal, Mumtaz Khan, Jhaulal, Ram Prakash and 11-year-old Jagdish Shahid. Many harmed development activists were captured. Many saints didn’t have the foggiest idea about the whereabouts, challenging which the Kankather and Macharia railroad stations were scorched. In recognition of the saints, there is a saint’s dedication on Pan Driba

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