Afghanistan: 16-year-old Qamar Gul takes malicious fear based oppressors, aggressors executed by AK-47

Kabul: The psychological courage of 16-year-old Qamar Gul is being discussed on each side. The youngster, while taking the death of her mother — her father, executed three Taliban aggressors with slugs. The waist has created as another territory for the people who are encountering mental activists. Qamar has recouped the Sixers of Hamalakar Talibans from AK-47. His strength remains a matter of discussion all through Afghanistan.

Qamar Gul went facing the Taliban just as cooked three of his warriors with his father’s AK-47 rifle. In all honesty, the Taliban aggressors went into the spot of Gul on supporting the organization and executed their people, whose Gul took malevolent. The town was ambushed by more than 40 mental aggressors.

Afghanistan’s Ghor district was attacked

It is represented that at 12 PM on July 17, Taliban activists attacked the ghor region of Afghanistan. At one o’clock in the night, Taliban activists went into gul’s home. His people were cooked with shots. Starting now and into the foreseeable future, qamar Gul came out and started ending from his father’s AK-47. He was joined by a kin with Qamar Gul. Three activists were killed in an ending that continued for around an hour. A short time later, various warriors endeavored to kill Gul. Nevertheless, with the help of local people, the organization supporters have made a gunfight and driven them away. The Afghan security powers have now taken Qamar Gul and his kin to a safer spot.

The mid-region guts by means of online systems administration media is being recognized after the scene of a befitting response to the Taliban of Qamar Gul. At such an energetic age, everyone is saluting their spirit for the himmat that the Taliban went up against.

The people who reinforced security powers were executed

After the event, Qamar Gul and his kin were in exceptional paralyze for two days. He isn’t chatting with anybody. On the counter attack, Qamar Gul said that it was his benefit since we didn’t have to live without our people. There are the same relatives other than his stepbrother in the town. It is basic that Taliban activists consistently execute the people who support the Afghan government and security powers. Despite amicability talks in Kabul, the Taliban has raised attacks.

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