How much better is the new Hyundai Creta than the old, get familiar with some unique highlights

New Delhi: Hyundai’s new Creta (New Creta) has been dispatched. It has been sitting tight for a ton since it was uncovered at the Auto Expo (Auto Expo 2020). The old Creta was likewise especially loved by the individuals. In any case, a portion of the highlights in this new Creta are extraordinary. So we should mention to you what’s not the same as the old model in the new Creta.


The length and width of the new Creta is more prominent than the former one. The length of the old Creta is 4,270 mm, width 1,780 mm and tallness is 1,665mm, while the new model has a length of 4300mm, width 1790mm, stature is 1635mm.


The organization guarantees that the new Creta’s 1.5-liter petroleum motor has a mileage of 16.8 km and IVT programmed transmission of 16.9 km per liter. While the mileage of the diesel motor is 21.4 km in the manual gearbox and 18.5 km per liter in the programmed gearbox, the turbo-petroleum motor has a mileage of 16.8 km per liter.

While discussing the mileage of the old Creta, its 1.4-liter diesel motor mileage is 21.38 kilometers per liter. The mileage of the 1.6-liter diesel motor is 19.67 km in manual transmission and 17.01 km per liter in programmed. The mileage of the 1.6-liter petroleum motor is 15.29 kilometers per liter. The mileage figures given here are as indicated by ARAI (Automotive Research Association of India).


The new Creta comes in two petroleum and one diesel motor alternatives. These incorporate 1.4-liter turbocharged petroleum with 140PS force and 1.5-liter petroleum and diesel motors with 115PS force. The old Creta had the alternative of two diesel motors and one petroleum motor. These incorporate a 1.6-liter petroleum with 123PS force, a 1.4-liter diesel with 90PS force and a 1.6-liter diesel motor with 128PS force.

Best Design

With respect to the plan, the new Creta is more lively than the more established models. It has another course barbecue, new split LED DRL (day time running lights), new guard with bull-bar shape silver cladding and new haze light lodging. It accompanies another LED taillamp from skimming rooftop plan, 17-inch precious stone cut combination vialge and headlamp plan.

Extraordinary vehicle innovation

The new Hadiay Creta is an associated SUV. It has a bluelink of the organization’s associated vehicle innovation. The associated vehicle innovation will include in excess of 50 associated vehicles under wellbeing, security, far off, vehicle relationship the board, area based assistance, ready help, normal language based voice acknowledgment and savvy administrations classification. The old model of Creta doesn’t have this hadiay innovation.


With regards to value, there isn’t a lot of distinction between the two. The old Creta is evaluated between Rs 10 lakh and Rs 15.67 lakh while the new Creta is likewise valued between Rs 9.99 lakh and Rs 17.20 lakh.

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