12 Metrics to Grow Your Social Media Presence


Social media presence helps companies in many ways. As we live in the digital age, most people educate themselves online. Your social media posts should reflect your expertise, knowledge, appeal to your client’s interest and help in improving business branding service. Publishing online content and establishing social media presence is a way to meet consumer needs and build trust before establishing direct relationships. In addition, you can interact with customers in a commonly shared environment.

12 Metrics To Grow Your Social Media Presence

These 12 metrics may help your business enhance its social media presence and build a platform for a strongly engaged community.

1. Ideal Platform

Determining the right website depends on your census make an ideal platform and increase social media presence, and it all depends on the type of business and the most popular social networking sites. For companies, it is very important to be on the social platform used by the audience. 33% of Instagram users are between 25 and 34 years old. So if this age group is your role model, it is clear that Instagram will be your first media.

If you have a significant business such as a logo design services or advertising agency, choosing Pinterest makes sense. But you don’t only have to create a Pinterest account. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are the popular platforms you should be active on to improve your social media presence.

2. Content

Having social media presence means what content you need to post to show social media presence. Create a social media calendar and fill it with content that will appeal to your target audience. Fill in your profile for each website and start posting, even if you have no followers. Blog post videos are useful content from other brands, shared information group photos, etc.

   Use your situation and use your storytelling power to reflect current trends and current problems. It’s important to fill your feed with content that attracts followers. New visitors will see your feed to see what you posted, and one or two posts are not enough for these new visitors to click the “Follow” button. Therefore, think creatively and attract the audience.

3. Cross-Network Promoting

If you want to go the extra mile to create your social media presence, you must cross-promote your social media accounts. Sharing your Twitter account on Facebook and vice-versa, or you can share your Facebook posts link to your Twitter. It is useful to share lengthy posts, but you have a limited word count on Twitter.

4. Understanding Audience

Once you start interacting with the audience, you need to determine their needs. It is only when you will be able to communicate with them more personally and show social media presence.

A strong social media presence starts with understanding how to get your target market. Once you know what your audience wants to read or see, you can design content that suits them. The more they connect with content, the more they will engage, and it will help you expand your social media presence.

Especially businesses should go to business branding agency to increase their increased social media presence.

If you can customize your content easily with customers’ needs, you can easily bring them to your website or business because you know what they want to do or what they want to see.

5. Hashtags

Hashtags collect the same content under the same roof to help improve your social media presence. If you post something on your social media account, try adding some hashtags. They will guide people to visit your social media accounts and website. They are very important when posting on Twitter and Instagram.

However, overusing hashtags can easily waste your posts, and if you are not careful, you can damage your social media presence.

You can also create popular brand hashtags. They include your brand name or slogan. Encouraging people to develop content using these hashtags can help greatly in improving your social media presence.

6. Emails

Email is a great way to spread information about your social media accounts. You can send some emails to subscribers every month.

If your email has your social media icons, your readers may want to see them. This will provide you with some valuable insights and more followers to get more social on the website you want.

If you usually send your audience newsletters, include your social handles. Slipping a card containing your all social media handles can increase your brand social media presence.

7. Engagement

Engaging with the audience at the personal level is the best way to gain support from them. You will learn how to improve your social media presence. They want your brand to interact with them, so others follow your page. For this reason, when someone comments on your brand or post, please reply to them.

Engaging can be in many other ways. Conduct research, organize competitions to ask questions or encourage your audience to participate. Instagram stories are one big way to attract followers.

Send a clear message to show that you are interested in building a lasting relationship with your fans by actively interacting with them. This will make their trust in your brand, thereby strengthening your brand and increasing your social following.

Loyal followers can recommend your brand to others. In this way, it will help increase your social media presence.

8. Content Optimization

Search engines can see all the content you post on your social media accounts. Therefore, it’s best to include as many relevant keywords as possible in your posts. This will help you find the visibility for your posts on Google. 

Similarly, you can use the key research tools mentioned earlier to verify what your followers are looking for on Google. After you find relevant keywords, you can use them in your posts to attract the attention of relevant users.

The content which has a higher Search Engine Ranking (SERP) will surely get more visits. It enhances the social media presence.

9. Utilizing Locations

If you have a physical store, you can use it to increase your social presence. When you post an eye-catching advertisement in a window with a social media handle, people will greatly notice it.

Visitors to your store can see your social media accounts. Advertising includes social media operations and engaging visual content. Entering your social media handles on the invoice or business card can attract more people and increase your social media presence.

10. Personal Touch

Customize your social media marketing. Don’t use generic words when talking to the audience. Instead try to personalize your information. Keep your answers true and don’t use template-based answers. This brings your audience closer to your brand through the “human touch” on social media channels.

Answers like machines are disgusting; in fact, they can damage your brand reputation. On the other hand, the real answer is always to praise and promote the social media presence.

11. Handling Complaints

If customers complain about your social media accounts, take it seriously. Try to respond to their concerns as quickly and effectively as possible.

Properly handle complaints on your social media sites. Stay away from automatic replies, such as “If you have any questions, please send us an email.” Instead, take the time to consider their concerns and respond to each complaint.

Remember, customers can recommend your business to others. If they respond positively, it will help you understand how to promote your social media.

Even if your customers are not polite, make sure you should be on the right track. Everyone wants a brand that cares about themselves.

12. Influencer Marketing

Brand collaborate with influencers to increase sales and social presence. Influencers have the large number of fans on social media. These influencers can share your products with your audience to provide you with brand insight and sales. In an influential industry, brands work with influencers on social media to achieve specific goals.

You can easily follow the needs of your target audience and increase your social media presence. One way is to create an event that encourages people to follow your page. In return, you can give them a discount or a small amount of free money. This can increase the social media presence because it helps to get more followers in your profile.

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