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15 Fun & Easy Biking Activities for Summer


Our kids are bored. ALL. EDS. I’M. It’s tiring, right? Even if they are told to play outside, why do they come back 10 minutes later and complain that there is nothing they can do? So, with a long summer ahead, we’re here to share fun, easy, and unique activities that will keep your kids entertained and entertained … on your driveway or around … on a bike!

Your children will enjoy cycling activities in the summer

1. Wash the bicycles with PVC pipes

Hot summer days need to cool off and whether you know it or not, bike + water mix! Washing your bike isn’t that hard and you’ll probably win the coldest mom award too.

If your kids are with us they love doing laundry and now you can gift them a version of their bike. With a minimum of time, effort and expense, you can organize a bike wash that is the perfect outdoor activity on a hot summer day … and keeps your kids busy. Check out this project mom’s amazing blog for inspiration!

2. go pokemon!

Let’s be honest.If we’re kids, they’re probably hoping to spend the summer playing video games and finding a way to get them out in the sun! We have the perfect compromise for you: play Pokemon Go! Wheels. Our kids have never asked us to ride again in their lives … and after voluntarily leaving their XBOX controllers to ride a bike! !! Goodbye Pokémon Go! Wheels.

Pokemon Go is a great solution for older children who no longer feel like riding a bike and also have fun with their mother. Your kids will play their favorite games, learn safety bikes, and drink vitamin D while they train! For safety reasons (screens don’t light up while driving!) We prefer to use the Pokemon Near feature, drive to a place, catch a Pokemon and then decide our next stop.

Harry Potter: Wizards Together is another fun option if your little tubers are fans of magic.

3. Noodles in the Limbo pool

Pool noodles not just for pools, folks! They are also great for playing limbo on your bike! Learning to ride a bike is an important skill to be able to ride a bike on the trails, on the street and even nearby.

They are prepared not to hold low branches and lower the center of gravity as they descend a mountain, while teaching children to ride a bike and swim under the head of the pool. You can also invite children to wear helmets in the high pool so they can learn key skills while standing.

4. Bicycle ramp

Few things are more exciting for children than breathing fresh air while pedaling (even if it’s only an inch tall). With the bike ramp on the way (Landwave ramp up) kids can do it at any time – and you don’t have to take them to your local bike park.

For those who are ready to hammer, you can even work with your kids to build your own ramp! Such self-built ramps are great for experienced cyclists, but are not very suitable for well-balanced riders or pedals for beginners because they are quite low.

5. rodeo by bike

If you have kids who want to compete and have fun with cycling, a bike rodeo might be your free afternoon ticket. Create some playgrounds, invite your kids’ friends to come, sit down and have a lemonade. Pinterest is full of ideas ranging from a reporter to a slow riding competition to stick a pin in a bucket. Your kids will enjoy teaching !!

6. Bowling lessons

From obstacle courses to running, a simple set of cones can turn a daily afternoon drive into an adventure. Kids can zigzag between the cones to practice, set up and ride different racecourses, or practice twisting and learning by running the number 8 through both cones.

7. Steps on the sidewalk

Pedestrian steps add such an easy and creative look to cycling. The possibilities are truly limitless: from creating obstacle courses, tactile paths and more.

Over the years our trail has had a chalk lemonade stand, a police station (and a similar prison), and many road signs and construction sites (also known as traffic hazards!).

8. Pop beach ball

Learning a certain line is an important cycling skill for children! While it takes time to learn how to follow the right one, focusing on their path (rather than the obstacle they are trying to avoid!) Can be fun and rewarding.

Pop beach balls are an exciting way to look everywhere. Fill a few small balloons (a handful of balloons is fine) and place them about 1.5 meters apart. Straight lines are great for beginners, while wavy lines are a fun challenge for tech users. While driving, children try to infuse as many balloons as possible with the front wheels. Kids and parents are amazed at how difficult it can be!

9. Bowling by bike

If you think your baby is the coolest with sawdust (or sawdust!), Get ready for something sweeter: inflatable bowling dolls to get your baby spinning.

Here’s one that we can honestly say your little one is repeating and … you got the idea. While it may seem like a silly game, it helps a fair rider pedal straight and steer his bike in a certain direction. Skill + nobility = total victory!

10. Geocaching

If you are a reluctant biker, geocaching can give your ticket to an avid biker! Which kid doesn’t go on a treasure hunt? Geokaching can be done near you, on city bike routes or even on a mountain bike. Let your child navigate and watch him drive!

11. Basketball games

Turn a basketball court near your local school into a bike board! Safe Cycle Out of Australia is a government sponsored program that helps children travel safely to school and the community.

In addition to detailed lesson plans and grandparents’ posters, they’ve put together a list of games you can play on the basketball court. From splashing bubbles to catching a tennis ball, there are tons of games and activities for all ages.

12. Storage for bicycles or pumps

If you are lucky enough to live near a bike depot, we have our word for you: let’s do it! Bike racks are very suitable for your kids to get a lot of bike energy from one source. Most bike parks also have special items that will teach your child (and you too!) New cycling skills, such as rollers, rims and slides. It’s a great way to learn how to ride safely before riding a bike.

Find a child-friendly bike park or pump track in our catalog of nearby bike parks!

13. Odometer

If your driver is a fan of numbers, one mile is probably a hindrance! You can have your child go a certain number of kilometers, see how far he can go in an hour, or have him check how far your group of bikes have run. Whatever you do, as the numbers go up, your child will enjoy and ride happily on even the toughest roads.

14. Bicycle lessons

We know from (a) painful personal experiences that some children do not want to listen to their parents’ advice on cycling. In addition to the news, some children refuse to listen to their mother and father. And because cycling is so much fun when done right, we really support cycling lessons.

Your child will be part of a fun group of peers and will learn new skills that will help him develop even when you are not around. Also, your child doesn’t stay home, stays out, stays active, and makes new friends. Total victory.

  1. Family cycling holidays

Sometimes a new place is enough to make a child passionate about cycling. Fortunately for all of our parents, there are many bicycle stations in the United States. We have great city bikes, country parks with cycle paths and even beautiful mountain towns with our bike parks. Whatever your summer travel plans, there is sure to be a great opportunity to cycle nearby!

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