5 Best Facebook Marketing Tips For Your Startup Business

5 Best Facebook Marketing Tips For Your Startup Business

Hey you, yes you, are you searching for an article that will let you know some best tips about Facebook marketing while you start your startup?. Facebook has its ups and downs when it comes to marketing. 

Facebook was the first one to launch ads and since then it has become a benchmark for all other sites on how to run ad algorithms. It helps you to create a business plan

Even after comparison Facebook still is going to be the biggest of all social media sites. 

It has earned this reputation over years and effort. Though Youtube and Instagram are putting in enough effort. 

Facebook has become a place of marketing because people realised that talking about their business online will reach more people than talking about it to individuals.

In this article, we will talk about 5 startup tips for your startup business. 

1. Choosing The Correct Category 

To start off with the plan the first thing you need is to build a business page, mind you not a personal page.

Your business page must have your profile picture, the ‘sign up’ CTA, and sidebar tabs. 

These features are going to come in handy later, trust me. Facebook has six category options under which you have to set up your profile. 

Also can be called Facebook toolkits. They are as follows

  1. Local business or place 
  2. Company, organization, or institution 
  3. Brand or product 
  4. Artist, band, or public figure.
  5. Entertainment
  6. Cause or community.

Since you are here for Facebook marketing tips your profile will fall under local business or brand categories. 

The category is important because it has several features of its own. You will find a section of physical location listing for local businesses and not for online brands. This is to raise brand awareness. 

2. Vanity URL Is Must

There will be plenty of ways through which you can optimize your page once it is created. You will need a vanity URL for that. The URL makes the page easy to read as well as makes it easy for you to post it in other places. 

You can name your vanity URL anything, in some cases, people give their own name because they also happen to be the brand name. It’s absolutely your choice. 

Remember another thing about vanity URL, it not only helps you to be found on Facebook search but also on Google search. Google always links it with your site’s keywords. Try your luck and utilize digital marketing.

These organized ways make the business page look more professional, which never hurts rather it helps, because even if people aren’t that sorted but they like to look at things that are. 

3. Photo Optimization 

To let everybody know about your brand you have to put up some high-quality photos in your profile. Facebook and all other social media sites are good in visuals. 

You can use a headshot or brand logo for the profile picture, as well as the cover photo with high-quality resolution. 

The page is going to look good if you use your logo picture as a profile picture and the CTA image as your cover picture. 

It helps you target your audience in a way. It is not necessary though, it is just to show your creative side.

4. CTA Button

You will always find a CTA button on every Facebook business page. 

You will have options that you can click through. Most say ‘sign up’. You can also choose among these options. 

  1. Contact us
  2. Book now
  3. Play game 
  4. Use App
  5. Sign up 
  6. Shop now
  7. Watch the video 

You can easily link all these like a landing page on your site. Maybe a contact form, or opt-in page, or a video. It all depends on the conversion goals you have. 

A CTA leads an introduction to the company’s service. Get an idea of what your Facebook customers can probably select.

5. Customizing Sidebar Tabs

The sidebar tab that I have mentioned above, remember?. Yes it can be customized and they are useful for the following reasons

  1. You can easily add any information about your company, brand.
  2. Another way of using it is by including a CTA.
  3. The main thing it does is help you answer all the queries a customer has before buying your product. 

All these have their own separate tabs where videos, posts, and community pages are included. There are many several ways for users to interact with your page. 

The Bottom Line

Facebook is always going to be the Odin of Asgard!. Nothing can challenge its capability in helping businessmen and women with their marketing. 

It is a huge platform and it welcomes everyone. Facebook marketing tips are very important for someone who has just decided to open a startup. 

It’s no rocket science, but if you do it properly you will be able to master Facebook marketing.

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Author Bio: 

Jais Frank 2Jais Frank is a freelance content writer and enthusiastic blogger. He is the co-founder of

Dream Land Estate. He contributes to many authority blogs such as Finance Team, SB Newsroom and Emblem Wealth. He also likes to write in many international magazines and journals. 

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