5 Best SEO Tools That SEO Experts Actually Use in 2021

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It doesn’t matter what business or website you have, whether you’re selling cupcakes, writing a blog, or conducting the next Firefly launch – your site needs presence. This is where SEO comes in, serving as a vital marketing tool that is important if you ever want people to come to your page. While it can be challenging, there are SEO tools online to simplify the process, and we’re here to go through 5 of the best.

1. Ahrefs

SEO experts love this one because of how convenient it is. It can be thought of as an “all in one” toolset. There are multiple features, with everything you need for competitor tracking, website optimization, studying customer searches, and a whole lot more. You can easily analyze content from your competitors and see what’s working for them, and then employ it on your site.

One of our favorite parts of Ahrefs is its ability to highlight the parts of your site that need improving, e.g., fixing broken links. It’s one of the most sought-after services in the SEO tools list of marketing experts around the globe.

2. Google Analytics

Even Google provides SEO tools free of charge! Google Analytics is powerful and can help you strengthen your foothold on the world’s most-used search engine. You can find out exactly how your site’s traffic is coming to you and what people are doing on your site. Google Analytics allows you to identify the very parts of your site that are clicked through the most, providing useful visitor segmentation. There is a lot that you can fine-tune with this tool.

3. Google Search Console

This is one of the best SEO tools 2021 has to offer because you can get an in-depth look into how Google and its users see your website. You can use the data to optimize your site performance and rankings in Google search results. It’s a useful tool for new websites that are looking to submit a webpage for indexing. It’s very easy to monitor your site’s presence in Google.

Other than the features we mentioned, you can also fix your site, measure traffic, assess performance, and much more. So, is this one in the SEO tools free online category? Absolutely! It’s completely free of charge.

4. SEO site checkup


An easy way to fast audit your website, surfacing errors, checking tags, and more, all in a matter of seconds. It’s a turbocharged monitoring tool that has everything needed to uplift your business. Did you know that over 15,000 Webmasters and businesses are using it and in over 120 countries?

One of the best features of this tool is that it can show you the quantity and quality of backlinks that point to your site. It will order them by importance, plus you can save lists of them, export them and track their status over time. It’s not completely free, but it does come with a two-week free trial.

5. Plagiarism checker

Last but not least, plagiarism tools can add value when you want to create unique content for your website. You can boost SEO with content marketing, and this tool ensures that none of the content on your site is plagiarized. If you’ve got something that is not unique, you can drop it down in your rankings!

Use this tool every time you want to create new content. It is good to check that you are not passing somebody else’s work as your own, and you will safeguard your website from SEO penalties imposed by Google for content that is not unique. It’s a brilliant tool that is completely free of charge, so make use of it.

SEO Tools that benefit you

We hope to have shown you the potential you can get performance SEO from these tools. Now that we’ve done the hard work for you, sorting through hundreds of tools and choosing the cream of the crop, it’s time for you to put in the work! After all, what is SEO tools research worth if you don’t bear in mind that tools never offer a quick fix – they take some effort to use, but it will be worth your while. So, do have a play around with these tools and see how they can benefit you and your website. Good luck!

What small SEO tools would you add to our list? Let us know in the comments section below.

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