Use these constant tension buds to build a significant amount without thorns or thistles.

Free weights are definitely the best way to gain weight. But that’s not the only way. Editing is generally recommended for beginners, as it conveys movement patterns and allows for safe, preset areas of movement. As weightlifters gain experience, they are turning to an almost completely exploited and exploited diet. However, if you bring some of the strength and size back into the machine you just gained, you can really increase your training and reap new benefits.

And in iron-laden machines, cables can be king. The cables ensure constant and constant tension during training, which would otherwise be very uncomfortable or difficult. You should carry the best cable pulley system in order to get the premium exercise pleasures and hurdle free experience. They also have a confident aura that allows you to be very tough and challenge yourself without an observer. The following six movements – some easy, some not so – will allow you to train your abs with incredible power without free weights. Incorporate these movements into your body that are normally planned and you will immediately notice the difference in the size and density of your muscles.

1. Cash bank cable clamp

The movement of this cable allows you to twist trousers, especially boxers, with laser precision. Most importantly, if you start failing, you don’t have to worry about the dumbbells tearing your pants from the inside because the pulleys are on your chest. The emphasis is more on pressure than on stretching. One of the biggest problems with standard flight is that you lose tension at the top. This is not the case with this cable option.

Do it right

 Move the bench between the two lower rollers so that your chest is in line with the rollers. Lie down on a bench with your feet on the ground and grab the handles with your palms facing up like a dumbbell. Arms extended to the sides, elbows slightly bent, forearms parallel to the floor. Pull the handles to a curved point just above the center of the chest. Pull the pants tight and go back to the top.

2. Two-arm roller rope winder

If someone asks you to build muscle, you will probably show them your biceps. However, this position isn’t just for performance. This is a great way to train your biceps based on the position of your hands and usually gives your biceps a great performance.


How to do it right

First, position yourself right in the center of both pulleys and secure the two D handles. Adjust the height of the pulleys so they are approximately 20-10cm above your shoulders. Grab one handle, then move to the other stack to grab the other and stand in the center of the device, palms facing up, arms parallel to the floor. From there, bend the weight against your head, keeping your upper arms parallel to the floor for each rep.

3. Pull the cable

While large lever pullers are the best option for building larger and thicker traps, corded pullers are another great option because they allow you to easily change the draw angle. You can take a few steps back to put weight on the middle and bottom traps, or you can stand directly above the pulley to pull almost vertically. Since most batteries have a limited weight, they are usually best used as a finish for larger copies or as a base for days with large drops.

Do it right

Take the strap attached to the lower pulley and clap your hands with the shoulder width handle facing down. Keep your arms fully extended and raise your shoulders to raise the bar as high as possible. To count, press up and down (checked) to go back to the beginning.

4. Press TNT

Do triceps mass. But is there a cable cousin that offers the same benefits? Yes master. You’ve probably seen some people do this, even if it’s not intended, to withstand a variety of heavy loads on their triceps. They let their elbows light up on all sides and “slip” under the bar as if blowing a bunch of dynamite. The TNT strain encourages you to do it just like you would if you were gaining weight. As you move your elbows, shoulders, and wrists, you can work multiple muscle groups, including your pants and bones.

Enhance it 

your setup is the same as a standard cable drawer … until your first rap. When you are about 10-20% heavier than your normal set of 10 reps, go “over” the bar and push it all the way down while keeping the cable at one end of your body. The cord should gently caress the neck and collarbone. From there, spread your elbows and let the bar reach chest height before aggressively stretching your arms to push the weight for maximum extension. Make sure you keep your elbows above your wrists as you move.

5. Disconnection cables

Blasphemy you say no. Traditionalists are right: It is true that weight lifting is the best exercise for your body. Period. It can never be replaced, but it can be expanded. With the wired version of the Death Lift, you can train this basic function more safely and without a thermal alarm. As with the lure of war, you can change the weight of the muscles slightly by adjusting the distance to the steel.

How to do it right

Ideally, this move should be done in a Freemotion station where you have access to two stacks near your head. This will allow you to use most of the weight. Route cables to the bottom of the towers and select a suitable weight. Positioned directly between the uprights and fully extended handles. Keeping your lower back slightly arched, move your hips back and forth. When you go down to the bottom, run on your heels and straighten your hips and knees, fully extending the handles. Make sure your head and chest are supported as you move.

6. Single leg squat

It’s basically a one-legged squat followed by a lazy pull-up. But don’t be too quick to insert this function into the Function file. Working on one side allows you to contract up to 20% more muscle, and using more joints in the upper and lower body results in a higher calorie burn and hormonal response than breaking them down into individual components.

Do it right

 Place the handles at chest height, shoulder width apart. Hold a handful in each hand with your arms outstretched and palms facing the floor in front of you. Lift your left foot off the ground in front of you and walk to the right. Go aggressively to the starting point as you pull the handles down, just below the pants. Switch legs with each repetition.

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