7 KWh Battery – Reasons you will need a Power-Wall Home Battery

The Power-wall lithium battery system has made a huge impact in the solar world and pushed home battery energy storage into the mainstream. The 7 KWh Batterypower wall is a revolutionary home storage option. It can be installed with your solar panel system to self power your home, day or night. Today, a solar battery energy storage system is the single way to keep your home powered through outages and helps decrease your reliance on the grid.

The main reason solar batteries like the 7 KWh Battery have grown in popularity is – energy independence. For all those looking for complete peace of mind in outages, natural disasters, blackouts, the 7 KWh Battery is an essential investment for your home.

Energy Independence

Let’s discuss about what energy independence means. Your house is hooked into your utility company’s grid for energy, so you will always have a dependence on it all time, even when you’ve solar installed (unless you live off-grid, meaning you’re producing all of your energy needs onyour own). And even with solar panels, it is possible to have any sort of independence from the grid without a home battery storage system. With a home solar battery like a 7 KWh Battery, you can stop relying so heavily on the grid with your stored excess solar power.

Decrease Your Electric Bill

Another big reason homeowners have switched to solar panels in the last decade is energy prices. During last decade saw a steady incline of prices, while homeowners that made the switches to solar power saw a dramatic reduction in their monthly electricity cost. If this is part of your aim, ensure to evaluate a 7 KWh Battery for your home with a professional. Why? Becauseduring peak times, energy prices normally rise, but if you are storing excess solar power from the day time, you will be great to go for the night.

Reduce your Carbon Footprint

If this is a part of the goal, shifting to solar power mightn’t be enough. Adding a home storage battery like a 7 KWh Battery to your installation will provide you a power up for helping out the environment. It is very simple. The more energy you pull from the grid, the more non-renewable sources you are consuming. Minimize that with a 7 KWh Battery.

Why a 7 KWh Battery?

In conclusion, if your aim is to be energy independent home, the 7 KWh Battery is what you are looking for. Solar panels paired with a 7 KWh home storage battery keep your house pulling far less energy from the grid. This means very little fossil fuel is used to generate energy and less pollution. This 7 KWh Battery home storage battery does not help keep your environment clean. You will be using less or no energy at all from the grid, which means your monthly electricity bills, will be significantly reduced you can save hundreds of dollars every months.

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