7 Reasons why LG Refrigerators are so Popular?

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During the summer months, people feel sick from the heat. Most of us don’t like the summer months, but there are few things that you can enjoy, such as popsicles. You can make your own popsicles and lemonade and chill them in the refrigerator. In every household, the refrigerator is the biggest and noticeable product. 

The LG refrigerator will keep your food fresh, your ice cream frozen, chill drinks, and do other important work. It is important to purchase a product that is smarter and comes with some of the most amazing features. Let us take a look at why people love to purchase and use the LG refrigerator.

  • It Helps you Keep the Food Fresh for Over Two Weeks.

These refrigerators come with a new inverter linear compressor. With the help of this compressor, the product can maintain a uniform temperature, and it also ensures the reduction of internal temperature fluctuation. For this reason, you can keep your food in the fridge, and it will stay fresh for 14 days. Another feature that you can find in this product is door cooling and two additional vents that help to maintain the temperature even if you open and close the door multiple times.

  • Ensure your Electricity Bill is Low

During the summer months, refrigerators consume more energy which is the reason for the higher electricity bill. But most people love to use the LG refrigerator because it ensures 51% less power is consumed as it comes with an inverter linear compressor. You can have your food fresh and enjoy a cold drink when you use this product.

  • Uniform Cooling

Due to the immense heat during the summer months, our food gets bad easily. But with the help of this double-door refrigerator, you can keep your food fresh for up to 2 weeks. But this is only possible due to the compressor that offers the maximum temperature variation of +0.5 degrees centigrade in contrast to the +1 degree centigrade variation that you will find in another refrigerator. You get uniform cooling with this compressor, and also the noise is reduced by 25%. The refrigerator comes with a ten years warranty.

  • Faster and Better Cooling

When you frequently try to open and close the refrigerator door, it can lead to the loss of a lot of cold air. While you open the door and cold air is lost, it puts pressure on the compressor. This, in return, will increase energy consumption. But this double door refrigerator comes with a door cooling feature and additional two vents, which ensures that it maintains uniform cooling and also helps with temperature control. This, in return, will keep your food fresh for a longer period of time.

  • Get more Storage Space.

Most people often have problems with storage space when it comes to a refrigerator. We often make the mistake of preparing too much or buying and do not have enough space to store it. Sometimes when we do not have a place, we end up throwing food away. But with the LG refrigerator, which comes with a double door, we can store a lot of food. It provides the user with an ample amount of space. With a touch of a button, you can convert the freezer section into a fridge.

  • Keep food Fresh During Power Cuts.

A power cut is a big issue in India, and during summertime, if there is a power cut, it can spoil our food. But this refrigerator comes with Auto Smart Connect technology that helps to connect the product with your home inverter. You need to set it up once, and from the next time there is a power cut, the product will automatically connect to your inverter. And you do not need to connect it every time manually.

  • Control the Product with Smart Thin

Nowadays, everyone loves to have a smart home. With the help of the LG Smart ThinQ, you can easily control the refrigerator with your smartphone. You can set the temperature, diagnose issues and do a lot with this technology.

Everyone has started to love the LG refrigerator due to its unique features. You can find this product in the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store at a great price, along with other exciting discounts.

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