7 Social Media Promotion Tips For Small Businesse

7 Social Media Promotion Tips For Small Businesses

Social media promotion not only can be done simply. There are several strategies that you need to pay attention to so that the campaign you run can be successful and you make your marketing ROI successful.

As a small business owner, you must consider how to promote effective and targeted products. The target that has the most opportunities today is Gen Z, with a population of nearly 30% in the world. 

Gen Z or IGeneration are those born in 1995-2010. they invariably connected technology and cyberspace to them. 

If you want to know how to distribute content about your small business to them, you’ll love these tips. 

Let’s get started. 

#1. Take advantage of various features on Instagram. 

Besides creating a website or blog for your business, this one social media has a broad reach. On Instagram, there are many features that you can take advantage of and aim at online stores. 

One of them is Insta shopping. This feature allows other users to buy products in photos or videos, both in feeds and Insta Stories. 

In addition, there is a Shopping Tags feature. Users can more easily find out the price, name, and description of the product. You can select the Tag Product button before uploading related photos in feeds or Instagram Stories.

#2. Share New Insights 

Remember about Instagram feeds? 

There is nothing wrong with providing various information relevant to your product via Instagram feeds. 

With the help of the Instagram story feature, other users may share the post that is relevant with their concern. So, it is likely that more users will visit your account. 

For example, Blishful is a brand that sells hair care products. In their Instagram page account, aside from selling products, they also make content to inform about hair solutions. 

#3. Try To Sell On E-commerce 

Marketing your products through e-commerce, such as Amazon, eBay, Rakuten, Alibaba, Shopee, and others will also provide a significant benefit for your small business.

This system will bring you and your buyers virtually all over the world. And also can save you more time.

#4. Create Your Own Product Trends

Now, the tips using the TikTok application. 

You can create hashtags that are relevant to your product or brand. 

Of course, you can make challenges such as the dance challenge that underlies the hashtags you create. 

For example, there are brands named Kiehls. And they have calendula products. So, they made a dance challenge and made the trend with #KiehlsCalendulaGlow in Tik Tok. 

#5. Invite The Influencers To Use Your Product 

This system is known as an endorsement. 

You can send to the influencers the product that you are selling then, they will review and promote your product on their personal Instagram account. 

Sometimes you have to pay for their services. But, of course, the benefits you will get will be directly proportional.

#6. Occasional Giveaway

Everyone loves items at discounted prices with a good quality product, such as:

  • Sale Up To 10% 
  • Discount 50%, Just Today! 
  • Midnight Sale, Discount Up To 70%! 

By giving discounts on some of your products and using a period, of course, you will increase sales of your products. 

Your small business will become known by word of mouth by your buyers. Indirectly, they also promote your small businesses to others. 

#7. Take Advantage of The Momentum 

Taking advantage of momentum is the key to profit. You can do massive promotions in certain events in a variety of attractive ways and a large market segment. 

Check your calendar and mark the right time to promote through momentum. Note your bright ideas that can be used as a fun promotional strategy while attracting many customers to buy and buy your products. 

Promotions can use some moments, such as; Independence Day, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Christmas Eve, Ramadhan, New Year’s Eve, and other special days where everyone will celebrate those days. 

And also, you can use different packaging, providing promo prices, and discount prices. This strategy can add prestige to your small business.

For example, ZALORA always emails their customers. They inform the customers about discounts and cashback. This strategy can give them a significant chance to get some customers. 

You can also use this strategy for your businesses in a smaller range. Such as posting about the discount or cashback info through Instagram Story and Feeds in your online shop Instagram Account.

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