Bladder Infection: How to Cure Infections Naturally

Urinary tract infection does not only involve one type but it has different types and bladder infection is one of them. It is a condition that occurs when bacteria enter your urethra and go to the bladder. Do you know what the urethra is?

Well, it is the tube that helps in removing urine from your body. Experts share that when bacteria enter your urethra, they stick to the bladder walls and spread quickly.

The best urologists in Lahore say that such an infection brings different symptoms, such as a sudden urge to urinate, burning while urinating or feeling pain, cramps in your abdomen, etc.

Such signs can cause discomfort and interfere with your daily life activities. Fortunately, you can go with natural treatment if you have early symptoms.

For severe conditions, you must visit your urologist for a complete checkup.
People who have bladder infections are at risk of losing their life because bacteria can affect your other body organs, such as kidneys, etc. Your blood can also get affected by a bladder infection.

Here are some tips that can fight off bladder infections.

Do not forget to Drink Water

Water has benefits that we cannot even count. Many medical conditions are treated with water intake as it helps to remove toxic substances from your body through urine. For example, if we talk about a stone in the urinary tract, intake of water can break it down and pass it through the urine.

To cure the infection, you need to remove the basic causing factor which is bacteria. The doctor explains that drinking plenty of water can help to remove the bacteria from your bladder and dilutes your urine that will make it less painful.

You will notice that drinking plenty of water results in lighter-colored urine that will not irritate.

Move Bacteria with Frequent Urination
Some people do not prefer that much water intake. Fortunately, they can go with some other fluids that can help to move the bacteria from the bladder. When a person does not go to the bathroom, it is the chance for bacteria to spread more quickly. Intercourse also pushes bacteria in the urethra for both genders. Make sure you go to the bathroom after intercourse to remove the bacteria as it will prevent the bacteria growth inside your bladder walls.

Use Heating Pads for Pain Relief

Heat therapy is beneficial for pain relief, no matter which area you feel the pain. Take heat on your abdominal region and low back as it will reduce the pain. Such pain occurs due to the bladder infection that also leads to irritation while urinating.

Urologists prescribe the medications along with such therapy works because the combination of both gives more effective results.

Drink Cranberry Juice

When it comes to the natural treatment of bladder infection, cranberry juice is the perfect fit because it’s been used for years. Women who develop bladder infection frequently should drink cranberry juice to prevent bladder infection.

Focus What You Wear

Do you know that bacteria grow in a moist environment? When a woman wears tight pants, they are at risk of bacteria growth due to the trapped moisture. It increases the chances of developing bacteria. Experts suggest wearing loose pants and cotton panties to avoid the growth of the bacteria.

How to Prevent Bacteria Growth with Healthy Lifestyle Choices?

It is not a tough task to prevent bladder infection if you know about reliable tips, such as:

Drink at least 8 glasses of water.
Prefer a shower too long of a bath.
Wipe from front to back after using the bathroom
Avoid using vaginal sprays
Go with cotton panties
Do not hold the urine for long
Urinate before and after intercourse

Final Thought

Bladder infections need to be treated as soon as possible because the bacteria spreading are high in thin conditions. Go with home remedies with medications if you want to see more effective results.

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