CMH 630W Grow Light :ECO Farm VS HI-PAR

Climatic changes are pushing people to be more innovative than ever. However, choosing sophisticated, growing equipment for growers has always been an arduous task. Partly, this is due to the limited knowledge on the existence of ceramic-metallic halide (CMH) grow lights, or poor choice of the same.

What are CMH grow lights?

CMH grow lights have many names — like light-emitting ceramic (LEC) and ceramic discharge metal halide (CDM). They’re a variation of the traditional metal halide light type with some features of HPS technology (high-pressure sodium) added into the mix.

Traditional MH lights use a quartz tube instead of the ceramic arc tube that’s used in CMH bulbs. Ceramic operates at a much higher pressure than quartz, and this allows CMH grow lights to emit a more balanced color spectrum.

How to Choose Your CMH Grow Lights

Choosing CMH grow lights is like choosing any other type of light; the first step is to consider your grow space and how much light coverage you need.

The light coverage of every CMH grow light is determined by its wattage — a 630W CMH grow light offers almost twice the coverage of a 315W CMH grow light. The popular 630W CMH lights can cover a veg area of 5’ x 5’ and 4’ x 4’ in flower.

So first thing’s first, decide on your wattage, then you can focus on other important factors like light efficiency, design, and cost.

ECO Farm CMH 630W Double Ended Grow Light Fixture Enclosed Kit


The ECO Farm CMH Grow Light kit has Two 3100K Bulbs. A higher temperature creates light much closer to the sun’s. Being able to operate more efficiently at higher temperatures means a boost in performance. Two bulbs (3100k bulb) provides the full light spectrum, so it can be used for both veg and bloom stages. With this light system, even small-time growers are able to get professional results. This ECO Farm runs significantly cooler than other high-intensity light systems, so you won’t need to install an intense ventilation system to prevent overheating. The hood design has 98% reflectivity and its contour and texturing completely eliminate hotspots and dead zones. Many growers prefer this one for it’s easy-to-use setup and more accessible ballast. Standard MH bulbs have a lifetime of around 10,000 hours. Which is less than 50% of the 24,000 Hours that CMH are rated for.

Input: 120~240V or 240V / 50~60Hz,
High Power Factor of 95.0%
Crest Factor<1.7
UL/ETL, CE Listed
High 1.95 PPF per second light source
3100k color temperature, High 92cri, 33,000 initial lumens (105Lm/W)
High 90% lumen maintenance at 8,000 hr / High 85%
Expected Life Span (hr): 20,000

HI-PAR 630w CMH Dynamic DE Control kit


The HI-PAR grow lights were engineered to enhance essential oil production. Using 630w of CMH lighting outputs a phenomenal amount of PAR light! CMH fixtures output a higher quality light, resulting in bigger fruit and healthier, odor-filled flowers! It also allows growers to incorporate CMH fixtures into the HI-PAR Control Station rooms. Controllable, dimmable, and compatible with the new DE 630w CMH bulb. Ideal for large facilities with mixed spectrum lighting. The 630w Control Kit includes the new Smart 630w ballast, Dynamic Reflector & CMH DE Horticultural lamp. These fixtures output a similar light spectrum to natural sunshine; which results in enhanced plant profile development and essential oil production!

PPFD: 1027.25 average umol m-2 s-1 (Tested @ 60cm height over 1.2m2 average)
CRI: >94%
Kelvin: 3000k
THD: <10%
Lamp Life: >90% @ 20,000 hrs
Low start up current: 3.0A
Input 220–240v
50–60z, Imax 1.6A
PF >0.97 / CF <1.6
12-Month limited warranty

Advantages of CMH grow lights over other lighting systems

Growers often struggle to differentiate between CMH grow lights from other grow lights. Probably, this happens due to the hype surrounding other grow lights. Nevertheless, choosing CMH to grow lights ensures that you get:

Better CRI
CRI (Color Rendering Index) refers to the ease with which the human eye sees an object. It also includes how easy it is to identify different shades of color. CMH grow lights give optimal CRI, compared to other grow lights. On a scale of 100, CMH gives between 80–96 of CRI, while the other grow lights give between 50–79 CRI.

UV light
Plants use UV light to produce better chlorophyll and grow quickly. Research shows that CMH grow lights that provide high-quality UV light, which is vital for the growth of cannabis plants. Besides, the grow lights also produce full-spectrum light better than their competitors in the market.

Long-lasting service
Resistance to extreme heat and other natural causes make CMH grow light bulbs. A single CMH light can last up to 3 years (24,000 hours) with optimal light and heat capacities (about 80%). It is rare to find other grow lights with these properties.

Wide and fine spectrum
Another outstanding feature of CMH grow lights is their plectrum, which distributes light evenly across the plants. The CMH grow lights are arc-shaped, which makes them resistant to extremely high temperatures, and instead deflects the same to the plants.

Effective heat consumption
The ability to run at high temperatures and still produce less heat than other grow lights make CMH grow lights extraordinary. The low heat protects the leaves from burning, making them the perfect solution for growing cannabis plants indoors.

Better PAR efficiency
Getting energy-saving, high-performance grow lights can be a big challenge. However, CMH grow lights boast of this combo, which makes them the best choice in the market


With the above comparison of CMH lights, we hope that you will know what to look out for when you are thinking of the kind of lighting system you want for your grow room. The lights are energy-efficient, they produce less heat per watt and their light spread is good.

They are most suitable for the flowering and vegetative stages of crop growth and their lifespans depend on the models and wattage. Some of the lights come with great a UV light, which protects your crops from any harm.

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