Ditch Readymade Fashion this monsoon with the Salwar Kameez


The world of fashion is such that each one of us is forced to fit in. We lose our personality to the dress that is so much in trend that every third woman flaunts it. Everyone wants to feel unique when it comes to clothing and style. 

When it comes to traditional garments, readymade clothing often ends up as a misfit. Each time you go for a readymade salwar kameez, it ends up being either too loose or too tight. You have to compromise on comfort as well as style, and both are not acceptable when it comes to dressing up for any occasion or purpose. So, what are the options we have when it comes to ditching readymade fashion?

Go for the Tailormade Salwar Kameez

There is something about tailormade clothes that we all can look out for. When it comes to traditional wear, sarees and suits are the top choices that can fit on any occasion without much hassle. Sarees can still be something not every woman is adept at wearing and carrying, so the salwar suit comes out as one garment that brings in the best of both world – comfort and fashion.


Salwar suits have never remained monotonous either. They have constantly evolved into several styles and popularity. These days there is such a rich variety when it comes to the design and style of salwar suits that it has become a favourite among a majority of Indian women.

Another bonus you get with the salwar kameez is that there is a lot of unstitched material to browse and buy from, and then get it tailored into one style that appeases you the most or that you want to flaunt on an upcoming occasion. There are many benefits that tailormade salwar kameez can have over their readymade counterparts. Let’s have a look.

  • Never let go of Comfort 

It is a fact that the salwar kameez is one piece of clothing that is supposed to bring along with inherent comfort. It is something the Indian woman wants to wear to work as well as to a tiring day on a pre-wedding function. The salwar kameez is what the daughter-in-law wears while working on her chores and what the engineer wears while on a site visit. The officer wears it to her workplace and the teacher wears it to her school.


The salwar kameez has become the formalwear which women wear to offices and sites as well as the symbol of tradition which women prefer wearing to any events or even at home. The reason is not some sense of style that is associated with it but primarily the comfort it offers along with decency.

This comfort gets lost somewhere or the other when one purchases a readymade pair and has to force herself into the clothing. Instead, one can purchase unstitched suit material and ask the tailor to stitch it according to their body shape and size, comfort and style. The degree of flexibility tailormade suits offer is something that is not found with their readymade counterparts. They bring ease while letting you get rid of the hassles of too tight-fitting or loose-fitting clothes.

  • Personalized and unique

In the sea of fashion, we would all want to grab unique fashion pieces to stand out from the crowd. No wonder, women love going to a sale and yet spend hours looking for the one perfect piece, because they want their look to be unique and the talk-of-the-town.


The salwar kameez is an article of clothing that can tend to look monotonous and boring when bought readymade. Plus, you would have to get it altered according to your size and shape, which defeats the entire purpose of the readymade dress in the first place, besides punching a hole in your pocket.

The best way is to get an unstitched salwar kameez pair and get it personalized according to your sense of style and your body shape and size. Besides, it is you who is to leave a statement in what you wear, and you must have the full right to make it unique.

  • Style it according to your wish

There is such a vast number of styles in which the salwar kameez can be fashioned these days that it is a stiff competitor to any other clothing on the block. You can style one for any occasion – an A-cut to work, an Anarkali to a pre-wedding function, a Sharara for the best friend’s wedding, a Patiala for a day out with your girl gang and so on.

With an unstitched salwar kameez clothing, you have the freedom to get it styled according to your wish. You can choose what look to don on what occasion and have the salwar kameez stitched likely. It is going to be all about your taste and preferences after all.

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