Ecommerce Personalization And Why It Is Important

Customer personalization in ecommerce has been researched in achieving the perfect cross channel experience.

These technologies have arrived, which is great news for ecommerce.

Despite these incredible technological advances, it’s unclear what “personalized customer experiences” are and how to deliver them through ecommerce.

Online retailers personalize their ecommerce storefronts by showing their customers’ content, product recommendations, and offers.

This is based on previous activities, browsing histories, purchases, demographics, and other individual data.

Benefits of ecommerce personalization

  • Personalized experiences help marketers increase sales by 20% on average.
  • More than 80% of shoppers are more likely to buy from companies that offer personalized experiences.
  • After a personalized shopping experience, 44% of consumers say that they will likely become repeat customers.
  • Approximately 77% of consumers recommended a brand that provided a personalized experience.

1.Customize Your Home Page

Websites are the face of your online store.

It’s your job to greet your potential customers in the best way possible now that they’re already at your door.

That’s why personalization is so important.

With cookies, online stores can learn more about their customers after only one visit.

You already know so much about your online shoppers if you’re collecting cookies on your e-commerce site. Why not use their information next time to make their shopping experience better?

2.Provide Personalized Guides

If we offer our customers a personal shopper, wouldn’t that be great? But that would certainly break the bank, right?

Yet, if you run an e-commerce store, this is not the case.

Helping users make better purchasing decisions on your site with quizzes, size guides, and stylist guides are great ways to help them.

3.Show The Last Items You Viewed

Having a section where you view the last items the customer bought will provide a memorable personalized experience. The customer will be pleasantly surprised that a website remembers what their last bought item was.

The fact the customer bought already makes it a positive experience for the customer. Reminding them about that experience will bring your website in a positive light.

4.Based on Location, Personalize Product Pages

Many ecommerce sites know where their visitors are coming from, or where they want the products to be delivered, through cookies or by asking the visitors.

Why wouldn’t you give the users better, more accurate results if you have this valuable information at hand?

Optimizing product pages for your location is a simple change that will improve your shopping experience.

You can use this information in many ways to be more relevant to your visitors.

5.User Behavior Can Be Used To Create Special Campaigns

There are no two visitors alike.

Visitors that land on your site for the first time have a different need and aim in mind, as do your returning visitors.

When you can tailor your on-site messages to personalize their experience, why give them the same thing?

It may be several visits before a visitor becomes a customer.

By offering first-time visitors a reason to join your email list, you can make it even more likely that they will visit again.

6.Personalize Your Email Marketing

It is well-known that email is the best e-commerce marketing channel.

For every $1 spent on email marketing, $38 is generated.

Personalization can make you even more out of your emails if you already integrate email into your marketing strategy.

Ecommerce website personalization is a perfect way to get your website running effectively. The benefits your marketing gains from this alone make it a worthwhile investment. Customer engagement continues to evolve, and these are good ways to keep up to date in 2021.

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