EYE HORTILUX Ascend LED 700-ES Grow Light VS GeekBeast 630w Pro

led grow lights for sale are growing in popularity among  growers, due to how cool they operate and how simple they are to set up.Plug them into the electrical outlet and place them over the plants. Unlike other lights that emit heat, LED bulbs can be closer to the leaves without burning them.Led grow lights for indoor plants are also budget-friendly as they do not use a lot of electricity and will keep your operating expenses low.

EYE HORTILUX Ascend LED 700-ES Grow Light

Increases resin production
Improves taste and smell
Causes more branching and less stretching
Increases root mass

Increases plant biomass
Triggers flowering
Enhances flower size
Improves efficiency of overall spectrum

GeekBeast 630w Pro Review

PPFD 1746µmol/s

2.78 Efficacy

EYE HORTILUX grow light3000k or 3500k + 660nm Far Red + Infrared + Ultraviolet LG™ with Independent spectrum control & dimmer

Smartphone Application Controller for control of Multiple Lights (optional)

5 year warranty ON ENTIRE FIXTURE

630 watt Max

>90% output

47in x 43in

4×4 – 5×5 flowering footprint

Meanwell Driver

Passive cooling design

Extended Driver Chords to mount the Driver remotely away from Plants (optional)

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