First Smart Laundry System in Singapore

New Features

1. UV/Disinfection Lamp Smart Timer

37.5 minutes regular disinfection, effectively killing bacteria, dust mites and other microorganisms. User can choose to turn on immediately or automatically turn on after 8 hrs of drying (disinfection is more effective when clothes are dry).

2. Dual Fan Mode & Dual Heat Mode

Choose between Eco mode (2 hrs) or Turbo mode (4 hrs) according to weather conditions. During rainy seasons, it is recommended to turn on Turbo mode for faster clothes drying. 

3. One-Push Automatic Stopping or Lifting

The model is inbuilt with smart sensors which enable smart detection.  Use one simple push to stop or lift the rack without using the remote control.

4. Child Lock Control

Activate Child-Lock feature to prevent children at home from misusing the system and keeping them safe.

5. Mother and Baby Clips with cross bars

Add 2 bars of mother and baby clips + 4 cross bars. Plenty of area to air your clothes.

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