Hair Spa Cream Mask – How and Why

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Hair is the most formidable part of the human body. The hair is quintessentially the most important part of getting dressed and adds an extra oomph factor with the various styles that we can make from the hair. Since the hair is so precious – we need to be more careful in taking care of them.

Before we start to take care of various aspects of hair – we have to understand the various ways with which we can take care of our hair and the specific roles of each one of them.

  • Hair oil – Meant to give the scalp nutrition and impart the goodness to the roots.
  • Shampoo – Free the hair follicles of all the dirt deposited and allow the nutrition to seep into the follicles.
  • Conditioner – Post wash conditioner works to smooth out the hair which can get rough after wash. Conditioner is an instant way of making the hair smooth but requires frequent use.
  • Hair Spa Mask – The mask is the most effective way to impart strength to hair. The hair gets smooth after conditioner also, however, the inner health of hair is improved better by application of Hair Mask

Difference between a Hair Conditioner and a Hair Mask

The Hair conditioner is applied immediately after hair wash mostly for a minute or so and then washed off completely. The proclaimed benefits of a hair conditioner are – smooth hair, tangle-free hair and hair fall control.

A Hair spa mask also needs to be applied after the head wash. However, the spa mask requires a prolonged application – at least a minimum of 30-45 minutes.

The reason for the longer application is that the ingredients of a hair spa mask are much more concentrated and require a longer time to be properly absorbed into the hair.

How does Hair Mask work?

The Hair mask works typically by absorbing deep into the hair cuticles and filling them with all the nutrition and nourishment. The mask is formulated to have a longer application time and thereby enough time for the various rich nutrients to penetrate deep into the hair follicles. This helps in better hair health as the hair cuticles are sealed preventing the hair fall.

What are the major ingredients to look for in a Hair Mask?

Ready to use hair masks may come with varied ingredients offered by different brands. Look for a Hair mask which is a one mask suits all type formula contrary to the specifically designed hair spa for Oily skin, hair spa for dandruff control or a hair spa mask for dry skin type.

So, the bottom line for choosing a hair mask is that the hair spa mask should be a balanced combination of all ingredients and not suit just one particular type of hair. The difference based on the scalp type comes in the application of a hair mask.

We should be careful in the way we apply a hair spa cream mask and the basis is the scalp type. Some of the ingredients to look out for are – Honey, Red Onion Oil, Argan Oil, Hibiscus, and Shea Butter amongst many other good and vital ingredients.

How to Use Hair Spa Cream Mask?

Step 1 Wash your hair

Step 2 Application of Hair Mask will differ basis the scalp type you have – Dry, Dandruff, or an oily scalp.

  • For an oily scalp, apply the scalp from the mid-segment of the hair to the ends. Avoid the contact of the mask with the scalp as the butter present in the hair mask may tend to make the scalp hold more oil.
  • For a Dandruff laden scalp, allow a liberal quantity of the mask to be absorbed thoroughly on the scalp. Start with the scalp towards the end length of hair and then massage the scalp for even better absorption.
  • For Dry scalp – The essential oils in the Hair mask will enrich the scalp and also clear the hair root of any dirt. A clean root will be better able to hold the moisture and help in preventing the dry hair fall causing scalp.

Step 3 Wash off thoroughly with lukewarm to cool water. At all times, avoid using hot water on the hair or scalp. The Hot water can rip the scalp of all the nutrients that you enriched it with.

Step 4 Gently rub your hair with a clean towel and do not use a dryer. Let them dry naturally to maximize the spa benefits.

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