Doesn’t matter if you are a fitness freak or enjoy keeping yourself in shape; dumbbells are essential to keep in handy. Exercising with dumbbells is most helpful in strengthening your chest and arm muscles, and even while training the upper body, biceps and triceps usually start with lifting dumbbells. 

No one can imagine their fitness journey without dumbbells, whether you are training at home or in a commercial gym, and thus dumbbells are essential tools for a good workout. Let’s see the types of dumbbells and how they both benefit in different ways.

Types of dumbbells

Usually, there are two types of dumbbells available in the market:-

  1. Adjustable dumbbells
  2. Fixed dumbbells 

Read the rest article to dive deep into both types of dumbbells.

Adjustable dumbbells –

The name says it all, the dumbbells, which you can adjust according to your choice, you can decide exactly how much weight you want to have on your dumbbell. With the help of pins, levers and dials, one can customize these dumbbells and make them weigh exactly as much you want for your training. Adjustable dumbbell sets are blessings in disguise. They are best for home gyms when you need to lift a certain amount daily for shaping your upper body. 

Perks of having adjustable dumbbells 

Wondering whether you should go for adjustable dumbbells or not?

Have a look at the benefits that adjustable dumbbells have to offer! 

  • Save up your space – If you want to keep your area organized and mess-free, then it’s time for you to add adjustable dumbbells to your wish list. As they are adjustable, you don’t require sets of different weighing fixed dumbbells; you need extra weight plates to add to your dumbbell to adjust the weight according to your needs; this saves a lot of space. Especially if you are working out at your home or a small personal gym, adjustable dumbbells are all you should aim for. 

At different levels of your fitness journey, you will progress and need to have dumbbells with more and more weight. So, if you keep buying fixed dumbbells, it will eventually take up much more space and get chaotic for you, which is why adjustable dumbbells are such a blessing.

  • Pocket-friendly – While adjustable dumbbells save a lot of space, they also save a lot of your money. When working out with fixed dumbbells, you’ll have to keep changing them according to your upper bodybuilding workout; progress demands you to include heavier weights in your routine. This will make you spend a lot on buying different weighing dumbbells very often. But with adjustable dumbbells, you don’t need to bother about this as you can make them weigh as heavier or lighter as you want. 
  • Customizable – When a dumbbell is adjustable, you can explore and practice many different exercises with it. It gives you a much more professional experience and helps you a lot in your progress. 

Adjustable dumbbells provide the maximum advantage of your workout routine, and you can adjust them according to your comfort and the type of exercises you want to practice.

Still confused about which one you should buy? 

Dumbbells are the best for upper body workouts and shaping your chest, biceps and triceps. 

When it comes to buying dumbbells, people often get confused between adjustable and fixed ones. The choice mainly depends on the purpose you want to use it for. If you want it just for exercising a little on Sundays every month, then choose a single fixed dumbbell with the weight of your convenience. Still, if you’re going to use it daily in heavy exercises, then we’ll highly recommend you to stick with adjustable dumbbells. 

Still, there are some more factors one should keep in mind while choosing any one type of these dumbbells –

  • Home workout or commercial gym

Make your home workout dumbbell sets with adjustable dumbbells without a single doubt in your head, firstly. It saves a lot of space and money, and on top of it, you can adjust the weight of your dumbbell according to your workout mood swings. When looking for dumbbells to incorporate into your commercial gym, both will work as a good choice. 

  • Number of Users

If you have most of your family members as your gym partner, having adjustable dumbbells can cause continuous chaos and stress between your gym buddies. A single adjustable dumbbell won’t serve everyone. If you have a fitness freak family, you can choose a set of 5 or more fixed dumbbells; with these, all of you can workout at the same time and enjoy your little workout session in peace. While if you are alone and, unfortunately, you don’t have a fitness friend, you should go for an adjustable dumbbell set; it will help you progress and perform various exercises. 

  • Space and budget 

Adjustable dumbbells will work as your best gym buddy if you have less space and a small budget. You can choose otherwise if you have more oversized pockets and space. 


To conclude, each type of dumbbell has its perks and drawbacks, and you need to choose according to your convenience and usability and start your fitness journey today by searching for the best dumbbell set online.

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