How to Become a UX Designer – A Step by Step Guide!

How to Become a UX Designer – A Step by Step Guide!

Nowadays, an online presence is important for a business. But for a successful business, it’s important to have a robust website with a good user experience. A good experience makes the site stand out in the crowd and increases revenue. That’s the reason many companies hire good UX designers to improve the UX of their products. That’s why UX designer is a great career to seek in the future. But the question is how to become a UX designer?

Here is the guide that explains what UX design is and how to become a UX designer?

What is UX Design?

UX design is also referred to as User Experience design. It’s a process that improves user satisfaction to provide a better user experience. UX design needs understanding in human psychology and sociology. Besides, UX designers need to identify user’s problems.

Moreover, UX design needs skills to attain the goal. The skills include prototyping, tactical skill, user research, and furthermore. But the most important skill for a UX designer is communication. 

What is a UX Designer?

UX designer is an expert who uses the art and science of designing to create an app/web. They have skills and tools that increase the usability and accessibility of the end product. It provides users a satisfying experience with the product.

A designer needs to know and learn basic skills to become a UX designer. He needs to master designing tools such as Photoshop, Sketch, and Illustrator. More importantly, he should know how to test a web/app design. It will help to identify problems that decrease the performance of the product. This whole process helps to improve design quality for a better user experience.

What’s the difference between UI designers and UX designers?

UI designs are also know known as User Interface designs. Usually, UI design refers to the visual appearance of the product. Besides, it’s a subset of UX design. But still, UI and UX designers are different. They perform different techniques to accomplish their goal. 

For example, take an online store app; in this, UI designers are concerned about arranging UI elements and layout so that the user can easily use the shopping cart to buy products. While UX designers are concerned about providing a better user experience. They use the color scheme and other elements to give a vibrant look to the product. Besides, these elements evoke the customer’s emotion to connect with the brand. 

Difference between a product designer and a UX designer

A product designer deals with all functions and processes of a product. At the same time, UX designers are the ones who focus on the user experience of the product. It includes the visual and emotional experience of the customer. Thus, the product designer and UX designer are very different.

In other words, they have different responsibilities while developing a product. And to accomplish their goal, they use different tools and techniques.

For example, product designers have a responsibility to evaluate the overall design of the product. In that case, they need to keep tabs on the team for product development. Moreover, they need to supervise the whole process. On the other hand, UX designers have completely different roles. It includes making low-fidelity prototypes and flows charts. Moreover, they deal with interface text, style, fonts, color, and layout. Their prime objective is to make the product user-friendly. It will improve the quality of the product and gives easy navigation to the customer for a better user experience.

UX designer’s skills

UX designers need to have some skills to achieve their goals. The skills are:

  • UX research. 
  • Collaboration. 
  • Wireframing and UI prototyping.
  • UX writing.
  • Visual communication.
  • User empathy.
  • Interaction design.
  • Coding.

How to become a UX designer in 9 steps

The user experience designs are becoming more popular and in demand. Many people are interested in having a career in this field. But the problem is that you don’t know how to become a UX designer? Or from where to get started? Don’t worry! In this article, you will get a step-by-step guide to become a UX designer.

Step no 1: figure out your motivation.

To become a UX designer, the person needs to be hardworking and determined towards their job. Without motivation and inspiration, it would be impossible to achieve their goal. So before starting, ask yourself these questions:

  • Why do you want to become a UX designer? 
  • Do you have the skills to become a UX designer?
  • Do you know anything about UX Designs?
  • Are you interested to learn about UX designs?
  • In which field you want to break into?
  • How much salary do you expect?
  • You won’t get disappointed if the initial stages aren’t successful.

These questions will help you to understand where you stand in UX designs.

Step no 2: read books to learn the basics of UX designs

Reading is one of the basic needs. It helps you to understand the topic clearly and gives a clear definition. Similarly, to become a UX designer, you need to read books about UX design. 

Step no 3: take a UX design course.

I know you read UX design books. But that’s not enough. You need to take some courses to become a UX designer. It will guide you in detail and tells you tips and tricks to attain your goal.

Here are the 5 best courses according to Custom Website Design Services In USA

Step no 4: learn and master some basic design tools

it important to learn and master basic design tools to become a UX designer. According to Mobile App Design Services, design tools are a great source to build web/app. Here are four tools you need to master:

  • Sketch
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Mockplus

These are basic design tools that allow drawing and iterating design with ease. 

Step no 5: practice and improve UX design skills through actual projects

After mastering basic skills, the next step is to practice and enhance UX design skills through actual projects. Here are some ideas that can help you to improve UX designs skills:

  • Volunteer projects
  • Look out for a part-time UX designer job
  • Redesign famous projects

Step no 6: create social media accounts 

Social media is an essential aspect these days. Besides connecting, these sites provide platforms to establish a successful business. Platform like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn benefits UX designers a lot. 

To become a UX designer, it’s necessary to create accounts on social media sites. It helps you to display your design to leverage more customers for the business. But importantly, you can browse other UX designs of famous UX designers. It will give ideas and inspiration. 

Step no 7: create an online portfolio/resume.

A well-designed portfolio always comes in handy. So ensure to build a portfolio or resume highlighting your design talents. And remember to display your best UX design projects in your portfolio. It creates a great impression on the other customers. Besides, it helps them to make a decision. 

Step no 8: search for a UX designer job and prepare for the interview

After all the hard work and learning, it’s time to find a job. Here are the 5 best online job sites to find a job to become a UX designer.

  1. Indeed. Com

These are the top largest job sites for UX designers. . You can easily apply on these sites to find jobs according to your qualifications. They don’t only help you find a job but moreover connect you with other UX designers. From this, you get a chance to chance to learn from them.

Step No 9: never stop learning and practicing.

Learning UX design from the beginning is not an easy task. But you need to start from somewhere, so take a step. But after getting somewhere, never stop learning and practicing your skills. To become a successful UX designer, you need to be updated. As we observe new trends and tools every passing year, that’s why it’s important never to stop learning.


UX designing is a great career. You just need to follow the above steps to become a UX designer. I hope you like the article and found it useful. 

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