How to build an app like Clubhouse? Everything you need to know

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Social media is a progressive industrial domain with an enormous number of users and huge revenue generation. The important reason behind its success is that every single industry is accessing it. By using social networking sites, organizations keep themselves updated about innovative business trends. Likewise, the Clubhouse voice chat app has recently joined the bandwagon of social media.

Lots of famous personalities are promoting Clubhouse, their fans have even followed them on the respective social media app. Recently, more than 13 million people installed the Clubhouse app, which increased its value up to 4 billion dollars.

As the number of installers itself explaining the popularity of Clubhouse. So, it’s time to explore more information about Clubhouse.

What is the definition of Clubhouse?

The clubhouse is a voice chat social media application invented by two famous personalities named Rohan Seth and Paul Davison. Now, you don’t have to be dependent on videos, text, or images to be genuine. You can just share your opinion on different things that you think are important through this audio chatting and podcasting platform.

An app like Clubhouse is a wonderful platform, especially for those who have impressive speaking skills, and can add an enjoyable experience for the listeners. The best part about this voice chat app is that there is no need to spend time on cameras, makeup, lights, or costumes. The only step you need to follow is to click the record option, and you can start a conversation.

Many people have already shared their ideas, thoughts, speeches, and stories on Clubhouse. The introduction of this app is just like a gift in this pandemic. It helped us to get the rejoicing experience as we were bored watching web series on Amazon prime or talking to friends and family over video calls.

Clubhouse app has become a comfortable digital space for everybody who shows interest in listening to other people without showing their visibility on screens. The great thing about the app is that it doesn’t record audio or store it on any servers. It is beneficial to use if you take security seriously. This minimizes the chances of cyberattacks.

Why are people giving importance to the Clubhouse app?

There are people who don’t prefer to use video-based apps as they get conscious of the camera, so Clubhouse is best for them. The app is also for those individuals who are getting tired of doing video calls and have a desire to switch to voice-only service. Apart from that, one can expect to be unconstrained and regular with Clubhouse.

In this Covid pandemic, Clubhouse has a major contribution as it facilitates a convenient way to communicate across the world without the requirement of getting connected on video or email.

The specialty of the Clubhouse app is that it doesn’t store any messages. If you want to be a part of the conversation, you need to show your presence at that particular time.

Features of Clubhouse app:

The quality of an app depends on the number of features provided by it for the users. And Clubhouse is a completely distinctive app having lots of unique features that differentiate it from others. So, it is time to discuss some beneficial features of the Clubhouse voice chat app :

Used only after registration

Clubhouse application can only be accessed after you are done with registration. When you use the Clubhouse app, you get multiple rooms to join based on your interest. The default settings keep all the new users on mute, but they get the option to unmute themselves.

Clubhouse Feed

It is the specific feature of the Clubhouse where it provides access to all audio rooms to the users, one can join the desired discussion topic according to their interest. Using the voice chat communication app, users can check the active room of discussion running online and choose them through Clubhouse Feed.

Clubhouse Clubs

While using the clubs of Clubhouse app, you get an opportunity to get connected with the people who show interest in a specific topic. It works in the same way as Facebook groups work. With the help of it, a group can be created for people holding the same interest. . A user can contribute to clubs as a member, follower, or admin.

Clubhouse Rooms

The clubhouse app has been introduced as the finest social voice chat media for celebrities. It is the main reason why most communication on this platform is related to networking, art, business, politics, etc. The growth rate in audio content makers on Clubhouse has increased both in categories and numbers.

Clubhouse rooms are basically the place where conversation related to different topics takes place. According to the preference of the host, rooms can be used for both private and public discussion forums. After enrolling on the Clubhouse app, anyone can start a discussion with someone or deliver a speech on some topic to a live audience. At one time, 5000+ people can be a part of the room.

Result seeking feature

A social networking app platform can’t work without this feature. If we talk about voice chat apps like Clubhouse, an app user will have to search what all clubs and rooms are active according to their topic of interest. With the search feature, users can find profiles, rooms, clubs, and on some occasions search history if it would be saved.

Upcoming events

The particular section of the Clubhouse app allows you to see the upcoming discussions. It shows the schedule of events, speakers’ names, chats’ names, discussion starting times, with brief descriptions about topics. By clicking on the bell icon, you can see when the discussion is going to happen.

Notification feature

A voice chat app like Clubhouse would be incomplete without the notification icon. With the help of this feature, users get notifications related to the upcoming future events, clubs, new members, and available rooms.

Activity Tab

With this feature, users can monitor their account activities. The activity tab helps them to know about members who followed them and about the newly joined participants. Besides this, one can even track the interaction record, clubs, and their members, including the ongoing live sessions in the Clubhouse application.

How to make an app like Clubhouse?

It is not a difficult process to develop an app identical to Clubhouse. You can follow the below-mentioned steps for assistance.

Do the market research

Developing a mobile app similar to Clubhouse is not just complete by creating a copy of it. To design a successful app, you need to analyze the existing app market. It would be ideal if you implement a unique approach and come up with something different that can attract users. So, before going for actual development, you should do a detailed study about the existing social media apps which work on the similar app concept that you are thinking of developing.

Check where the successful apps got the funding from, business, and the revenue model. Also, examine the loopholes present in the available social media apps. When you have the correct set of questions, you get suitable answers to design a social media app like Clubhouse.

Select your target audience

Considering the whole world population for your app can be ideal but not in the initial phase. It could be a difficult goal to achieve and even need lots of time and money. It is better to convert a small audience into potential app users in starting time. Successful online platforms like Netflix and Amazon implemented the same business strategy.

You should first select a specific set of audiences to target. To get their attention, you put effort to satisfy their needs as far as possible. It will set a platform for you and you keep expanding from there. While selecting the audience, consider geographical locations, age group, interests, and the platform to design an app.

Come up with an app idea

To ensure success in an app market, you need to introduce a unique app concept. It simply means that you need to launch an application that is capable of resolving users’ problems that has not been solved yet by other apps. Other than that, you should integrate some new features in your app to enhance the success rate. Deciding and coming up with an excellent app concept can differentiate you from others in the market. Adding exceptional features can be the unique selling point for your product. 

To design an app like Clubhouse, this step seems tough. But once you figure out things, everything can be executed in the right manner.

Choose a suitable app development solution

You can implement multiple techniques to develop an app like a Clubhouse. Opting for the customized app creation, quick-to-launch approach or hiring freelancers are some of the ways for app development. So depending on your business requirements, you can select the best one.

In case you want to spend less money, the quick-to-launch method works but you may fail to impress your customers. The originality of the app will be compromised if you design an identical app like Clubhouse without changing the existing features. Apart from this, hiring freelancers can be suitable for you if you have good technical knowledge.

Decide features and functionalities

When you are done with the team selection to develop an app like clubhouse, it is time to proceed with the development. On priority, you should first clear your vision and mission in front of the development team. Explain to professionals what you really want to achieve from your app. Doing such things will give an idea to app designers what they really need to do. 

While developing an app like Clubhouse, deciding the right platform is even important. Based on your needs, you can either choose iOS or Android.

Choose the monetization method

You should have a plan to get back the money you invested in the app development. To get desired results, you need to think of an excellent revenue generation process. Apps like Facebook and Instagram make money by showing advertisements on their websites. A platform like YouTube even asks premium users to pay some money if they want to avoid ads.

Applying any one of the mentioned methods can help you to generate the expected ROI from your business app.

Improvement and support service

After the app development and launching process will complete, it even needs support for maintenance. For high performance, an app needs to be updated according to the current market trends. While hiring a development team, ask them if they provide post-development service or not.

App marketing

As other social networking communicating sites like Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram have acquired the market, it can be difficult for you to get the attention of users. But the best thing is that you have come with a unique app concept, so people will try to use your app for sure.

No one wants to use the same communication media for a long time. Developing an app similar to Clubhouse voice chat can add a genuine and interesting experience for the users. Allowing people to share their ideas and stories by just clicking a button without showing their presence can be the best idea to promote your app.

How much does it cost to develop an app like Clubhouse?

To develop your own voice chat app, you must need a team of specialists. If you have chosen the iOS platform to launch your app, you need:

  • iOS developers
  • Project manager
  • UI/UX designer
  • Backend developers
  • Quality assurance specialists

Besides these things, the total time to create a voice chat app like Clubhouse needs almost 1,240 hours. Considering the time frame, the cost to develop the app can be approximately $43,400 for iOS. For Android, the price can increase but will not be doubled. It is because the app will have a similar design. In case you want to cover all platforms like iOS, Android, and web development, all can be done at the same time.


The interest to use voice chat apps has enhanced in this pandemic. Only in the business domain, the mobile app usage has increased up to 220%. Observing the benefits, startup businesses have also started to invest in developing an app like Clubhouse.

However, if you aspire to ensure success in a social media app domain, add all required features to get the attention of users. Make sure you have adopted cutting-edge technologies to design a modern app. 

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