How To Embed Facebook Reviews On Shopify Without Using App


Shopify is one of the widely used website development platforms for ecommerce stores. That’s because it offers many features that make online business a seamless process for brands. 

Although Shopify offers several apps to make things easier for brands that would help them boost their conversion rates, these apps are often paid and might not be the ideal choice for many Shopify store owners. 

That’s why we have brought this blog for you to tell you how you can embed Facebook reviews on websites without using any app.

But before we move further, let’s find out why you need to embed Facebook reviews on your Shopify store.

Why Embed Facebook Reviews On Shopify?

Reviews are an important part of the online business. While shopping online, we cannot check a product in-person to analyze its quality. That’s when the reviews become a reliable source for us. Facebook has been around the online space for more than 17 years, and people identify it as trustworthy.

When you collect your customer reviews from Facebook and add them to your Shopify store, you bring transparency to it. You help your customers make more confident purchase decisions. 

It creates social proof for your brand when your customers come across the reviews; they also feel encouraged to give Facebook reviews for you.

Tools To Embed Facebook Reviews On Shopify

Taggbox Widget

Taggbox Widget is the ultimate tool to collect all your Facebook reviews and add them to your Shopify store in the form of a widget. Taggbox Widget has an in-built aggregator that brings all your reviews in one place. You can further moderate the collected reviews to filter out the negative or irrelevant ones to create a good impression on the potential customers.

You can further use the customization feature to beautify your Facebook reviews and make them look more presentable on your website. Not just that, the Taggbox widget offers auto-sync options so that each time there is a new Facebook review, it automatically appears on your website.

Facebook’s Embedding Option

It is quite easy to embed Facebook reviews to your Shopify store using Facebook’s embedding option. All you need is to navigate to your Facebook business page review section, find the reviews you want to embed to your website. Then, select the “embed” option, copy the embed code and finally paste it on the backend of your Shopify store where you want the Facebook reviews to appear on your website.

The process is easy, but it has its limitations. You don’t get any customization options. You have to manually select each review to embed, and that takes a lot of effort. There are other options in the market like Taggbox Widget that make the process more user-friendly and quicker for you.


Tagembed is another tool that lets you collect reviews from Facebook using its aggregator tool. You can then moderate and customize the reviews to make them look presentable. You further get easy embedding options by simply generating the embed code and adding it to the backend of your website.

Tagembed comes with a free plan for everyone to use, but if you wish to get more options, you can always upgrade your plan.  Not just that, Tagembed supports various website-building platforms such as WIX, WordPress, Shopify, Weebly, etc., offering different embed codes and embedding options for each website.


Just like other Facebook review tools, Elfsight also comes with an aggregator to fetch all your Facebook reviews from your Facebook business account. The Facebook review widget offered by Elfsight allows you to customize the size of your widget located on the layout tab to make it the perfect fit for your website.

You can use advanced customization tools such as banners, style, layouts, color, font, theme, and more to design a vibrant and captivating visual gallery. It helps you attract website visitors, which makes them stay informed and engaged.


Flockler is a widget tool that lets you aggregate your Facebook reviews and embed them on your website as a Facebook widget. It offers a 30-day free trial to its users to kickstart their journey. You get many layout options to customize your Facebook review widget so that it looks perfect on your website.

You get to moderate the reviews before running them on your website and customize the widget using colors, fonts, banners, and everything else this tool has to offer. It enables you to offer captivating and trustworthy Facebook reviews to your website visitors.

Let’s Call It A Wrap!

This era is a boon for online commerce. Many brands are emerging in the online space, and most of the shopping happens online. But with so many brands, the possibility of fraud also increases. 

Consumers seek customer reviews before making any online purchase decisions. Add Facebook reviews to your Shopify store and become a reliable source for your potential customers. So that they don’t waste their time searching for them and make more confident purchase decisions.

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