Is a $600 gaming PC worth it? Honest Opinion


I’m gonna be honest with you. I don’t really know how much of a gamer I am. Sure, I have an Xbox one S and a few games but it doesn’t get much action. The PC on the other hand…

I’ve been spending way too much time playing games on my PC lately and this is mainly because of Steam’s summer sale.  That being said, I definitely want to build myself a new gaming rig in within the next few months which has got me thinking: “is a $600 or $500 gaming PC worth it?”

The short answer? Hell yeah it’s worth it! As part of Valve’s recent Steam Summer Sale event, they were selling The Witcher 2 for 50% off at just over $10 for the entire game. This might not seem like a big deal at first but you need to take into consideration that this is one of the best RPGs of all time! Having such an incredible, captivating story and beautiful world (compared to other games) for just over $10 makes it a no brainer.

On top of that, they were also selling Alien: Isolation for 75% off which is the same price as many triple A games ($25). At this price point, I couldn’t resist trying this gem out even though it isn’t really my type of game.  In my opinion, the amount of love and effort put in to making this game so good is what makes it worth every penny.

My point here is that you can get some amazing games for insanely cheap prices. This doesn’t just apply to triple A titles either, there are plenty of indie gems that are worth so much more than what they charge and I think this is the same case with PC gaming in general.

In terms of playing on a controller, I never really had any issues even though it isn’t my preferred method of play when using an Xbox one S (which isn’t surprising considering how powerful this rig is). Don’t get me wrong, there were definitely times where something wasn’t working properly but it was usually due to not plugging a wire in tightly or didn’t have enough wattage (something which I’ll go over later). But honestly, if you’re building your own PC there is no excuse for not knowing how to plug in a USB properly…

I guess my point here is that yes, the initial price may be slightly more expensive but once you take into consideration all of the money you’ll be saving on games and their DLCs it’s definitely worth every penny. If all else fails at least you can play some old school emulated games which still look pretty amazing (it even includes NES support out of the box).

With all that being said, I think this PC will serve me well for a few years until something better comes along which brings us onto my next point: upgradability. The main selling point with this computer was the fact that it is upgradeable so when new GPUs come out I’ll just swap out the old one and boom, I’m rocking the latest technology to play the newest games (at least until those start dropping in price of course).  If you’re looking for a PC that won’t be dated within 3 years then this is definitely it.

Remember, if you are thinking about building your own gaming rig take into consideration how much money you can save on some amazing games with Steam sales (they had them going pretty frequently during summer) and how upgradable this computer is because these two factors alone make it worth every penny.


Yes. If you are looking at building your own gaming rig and want to be able to play some of the latest titles then I would definitely say it’s worth it. Not only that but you can save a lot of money on Steam sales like the one going on now. In terms of upgradability, I definitely think this PC will last me for quite some time before an upgrade is really needed which makes it even better value.

Do you have any thoughts on this write-up? Please leave your opinions below and I’ll be sure to take them into consideration!

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