Know the Different Types of Washing Machines Available in India

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The continuous push towards smart lifestyles has resulted in skyrocketing sales of a range of household appliances. For instance, appliances like washing machines are expected to have a CAGR amounting to 3.7% between 2021 and 2025. Furthermore, this growth has been boosted by innovations from many brands. 

Therefore, people searching for a washing machine have a plethora of brands and models readily available. Several models come with the latest technologies in their categories, so if you want the best top loading washing machine, you will get one from any brand in India today. In this respect, it is vital to understand the features of different types of washing machines that are available in the Indian market. 

Types on Offer

Typically, washing machines are categorised according to their configuration and function. Nonetheless, consumers should make it a point to know each type’s features and advantages to make a sound decision. You may come across a top load vs front load washing machine debate, but you will have to dig deeper into each one’s features and advantages. In India, brands that make home appliances classify washing machines based on configuration and function. With regard to function, there are two types:

  • Fully automatic washing machines
  • Semi-automatic washing machines

As far as configuration goes, you get:

  • Top load washing machines
  • Front-load washing machines

Fully Automatic Washing Machines

Fully automatic washing machines are popular for many reasons, the foremost being that they do all the work from start to finish. You get fully automatic washing machines in both a front load washing machine and the best top load washing machine. Fully automatic top load machines have a single tub, and front load counterparts have a single drum. Moreover, fully automatic washing machines come with all the latest technological advances such as in-built heaters and cleaners, child locks, multiple wash modes — up to 15 in fully automatic front load machines, and excellent jet sprays for stain removal, not to mention steam washes and optimal energy efficiency. Most of these also have cutting edge LED panels and you can preset wash programs on them. Moreover, these are practically soundless, and the most robust of all washing machines. Due to all the enhanced features and latest technology that these machines encapsulate, they tend to be expensive. 

Semi-automatic Washing Machines

These are entry-level washing machines and the most affordable you can buy today. If budget is a constraint and you don’t mind doing a bit of manual work, you can easily buy a semi-automatic washing machine. A semi-automatic machine has two tubs — one for washing and the other for drying. After a wash cycle is completed, you have to manually transfer the washed load into the drying tub. Besides being very affordable, these machines come with limitations in their functionality. 

The Best Top Load Washing Machine

Fully automatic washing machines are further categorised into top load machines and front load machines. Current trends see consumers buying either of these types more than semi-automatic ones. The main difference between these two types of washing machines is the way in which clothes are loaded into the machines. That is not to say that there aren’t other differences related to technology, but this is the primary difference that triggers a difference in price too. In top load machines, clothes are loaded into the machine from the top (the machine has a lid, and the latest ones come with toughened glass). This prevents you from having to bend over while loading a bulk of clothes. You can add clothes mid-cycle easily too. In addition to this advantage, another important difference while considering a top load vs front load washing machine is that top loaders are slimmer than front loaders. If you have space constraints, a top-load machine is a boon. 

Front Load Washing Machines

Today, the most popular kind of washing machines that are smart as far as technology is concerned are front load machines. As they have smart features, they are more expensive, and come in the largest capacities of machines, going up to 10 Kg. They are bulkier than top loaders and their configurations are larger. Yet, with regards to durability, these are the best washing machines to own. With a robust build, front load machines have more sustenance as far as water use is concerned. They have stainless steel drums and anti-corrosion and anti-pest bodies that withstand any environment. Some come with Wi-Fi connectivity and you can control up to 15 wash programs through apps. They all come with vigorous washing capabilities and can handle washing cycles according to the load inside, thereby adjusting washing cycle duration. 

Buy the Machine You Require

You may be tempted to buy the latest front load machine, but may have limited space. You shouldn’t be concerned as you can opt for the best top load washing machine from an array of options you can find at the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store. It’s easy to choose from a range of brands like IFB, Samsung, LG and Whirlpool and you get attractive discounts to make purchases more affordable. You can rely on the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card to finance the purchase and pay for the appliance on No Cost EMIs.

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