Moon Mahadasha

Moon Mahadasha

Moon Mahadasha is a period of 10 years when the influence of the moon on your horoscope is highest. Moon is the representation of mother, femininity, beauty, art, luxury, prosperity, softness, money and love. Therefore, during this time (Dasha), a person may start feeling a sudden rise of interest in art. Your mind will start experiencing your inclination towards the path of spirituality. You will also gain knowledge and intelligence and your creativity will boost. However, this period will also bring restlessness in your mind, mental stress and anxiety as its negative effects. 


 Moon Mahadasha In Moon Antardasha 

This period will be quite positive as the chances of success and progress is high here. Since, moon is symbolic of femininity, the influence of females will rise. Your relationship with your mother will improve and you will make a lot of female friends. There are high chances that you will be facing a lot of ups and downs during this period. However, you may meet your life partner during this time. You need to give extra attention to your mental health, which seems to deteriorate during this period. 


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