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Education is a basic human right that may lead us to a prosperous life. We have always heard and been told that by holding a diploma we can find a proper job and earn a lot of money that will make our life more enjoyable and comfortable. For many centuries, our grandmothers, grandfathers used to follow the standard pattern of school-college-university education. They believed that in order to become a professional in any area of employment, you need to master your skills at university by interacting with professors, the peers and be surrounded by the university walls. With the introduction of the internet, our parents started to use online tools for their education, work, or leisure time. The most advancements came to knowledge in the generation of today’s youth. 


  • Nowadays, it is a normal situation to see a person sitting in a café and attending a class. The experience of the global pandemic of Covid-19 has shown us that going to the university is not the only possible way of gaining knowledge and credentials. In quite a short period of the time-1 year- we have observed ourselves switching to online classes, learning to use different social platforms that made our lives easier during this challenging for all period. Many people attended online training sessions, workshops, and seminars just with a click of the mouse in their rooms. Some most dominant positive sides of online degrees include:
  • It is time-saving. You can attend the classes without being in need of traveling from your home to the university or even to change the countries if you are an international student. You can easily attend your classes in the other part of the world and be in an equal position with your classmates.


  • Students with different learning styles can enjoy the classes. All people differ. Students in the classroom may be extroverts or introverts. For introverts, it is always a struggle to be forced to be in a group of many people and even to speak up in those classrooms. In online classes, everyone is in their comfort zone. 
  • For students  who are working it is always complex to tackle two important responsibilities at the same time. By taking an online degree, a student can easily join the class without leaving her or his office or any other place where she or he works.


In this section, you can find various online degrees that will advance yourself on a career ladder. 

  • Business Administration is the most popular degree taken by students that lead to high possibilities of employment and career advancement. There are three degrees in Business Administration that you can gain: Associate’s in Business Administration, a Bachelor’s of Business Administration, and a Master’s in Business Administration. By holding any of these diplomas you can find a proper job and become a highly competent employee, employer, or CEO. Statistics illustrate the following Business Administration careers with the annual salaries ranging between USD 76,540.00 to USD 193,850.00: Chief Executive Officers, Administrative Services Managers, Compensation and Benefits Managers, Training and Development Managers, Personal Financial Advisors, Budget Analysts, Compensation, Benefits, and Job Analysis Specialists. 
  •  Science, Technology, and Engineering are becoming more popular in the current era. The degrees you can get here are Video Game Design and Game Art with an average annual salary of USD 75,270.00 for the Multimedia Artists and Animators and USD 101, 644.00 for the Game Developers; Animation and Graphic Design with the salary of USD 75,270.00 for Multimedia Artists and Animators; Computer Science degree with the following career possibilities: Computer Network Architects, Computer Programmers, Computer Systems Analysts, Database Administrators, Information Security Analysts, Network and Computer Systems Administrators, Software Developers, Computer Support Specialists, Web Developers with salaries ranging between USD 73,760.00 and 112,690.00. 
  • Communication degree. This is a degree that is needed in all different areas of employment starting with marketing to the human rights. Communication skills are the top soft skills that are being appreciated by the employers in their companies. With that in mind, here are the top career opportunities with a communication diploma: Public Relations Specialists, Technical Writers, Writers and Authors and Editors. The average annual salary varies between USD 61,160.00 to USD 72,850.00 


  • Healthcare and Education. The degrees for healthcare include Nurse Practitioner, Healthcare Administration, and the average salary is USD 100,980.00. In regards to the degrees in education, the graduates’ annual salary is indicated to be USD 57,910.00, and degrees that you can graduate from are Special Education, Middle School Teachers, Elementary and Kindergarten, High School, ESL (English as Second Language). 
  •  Criminal Justice is a degree that will open you the doors regardless of the century we live in and the conditions of our lives. For a Criminal Justice career, a bachelor’s degree is a minimum of the degrees needed for your career advancement. The possible positions that you can take once graduated are Police and Detectives, Probation Officers & Correctional Treatment Specialists, Forensic Science Technicians, Detectives, and Criminal Investigators.  


No matter what career path you choose, remember that the better education you get, the more degrees you gain, the more chances of your career maximization you have possible on your way. Find what your soul wants to dedicate itself to in this fast and tense job market, and start working towards your goal of becoming a specialist in your sphere.

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