Samsung Galaxy M52 5G – the smartest upcoming phone in the market

With the increase in technology and the speed of its advancement, many gadgets have become a necessity in our everyday lives. One such gadget is a smartphone. Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives which helps us in performing daily tasks easily. We look for gadgets that can make our work convenient, and smartphones have excelled in doing this. 

We need a smartphone that can easily fit into our pockets and has good quality, speed, and effectiveness. In the history of human invention, smartphones are said to be the wisest inventions by humans. A smartphone is a convenient device and provides us with several features that help in bringing comfort to our lives. 

One of such companies that have launched excellent smartphones in the market is Samsung. It has reached the highest mark in the market and has served people with mind-boggling smartphones with commendable and unique features. 

Samsung has launched several smartphones that are marvelous and have features that are beyond excellence. One such smartphone by the company, that is launching soon, is Samsung Galaxy M52 5G. This smartphone is expected to launch soon in India. This upcoming smartphone, which is a part of the Samsung Galaxy family, is said to have so many unique features. The Samsung Galaxy M52 5G has already created a buzz around the smartphone market and for other smartphone companies. 

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This smartphone – The Samsung Galaxy M52 5G, has some really good features. Here you will find a detailed review of the Samsung Galaxy M52 5G smartphone that includes performance, battery life, display, and the camera quality of this phone.  

Camera and Display of the Samsung Galaxy M52 5G

Samsung Galaxy M52 5G has a quad-camera setup. It has a 64MP primary lens, 8MP ultra-wide-angle lens, 2MP depth lens, and a 2MP macro lens. The quality of the camera is considered to be very good by looking at the quad-camera setup. 

Samsung Galaxy M52 5G has an FHD+ display of 6.6 inches and also has a screen resolution of 1080×2408 pixels. The refresh rate of the smartphone is 120Hz. 

Battery life and configuration of Samsung Galaxy M52 5G

The smartphone launched by Samsung has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 750 Chipset as well as an Octa-core processor. 

There is a strong GPU – this helps in handling the graphical requirements of the smartphone. There is an impressive 8GB RAM that helps in smoothing the multitasking process carried out by the phone. 

The battery life of the Samsung Galaxy M52 5G is very good and it can work for almost the whole day smoothly just on one charge. The Samsung Galaxy M52 5G is a fast-charging phone and the battery type that is supported by this phone – the Samsung Galaxy M52 5G is 4300mAh Li-ion. 

Storage and connectivity of Samsung Galaxy M52 5G 

The Samsung Galaxy M52 5G launched by the company Samsung can connect with any type of Wifi, Bluetooth version 5.0, USB type C, and hotspots. 

The Samsung Galaxy M52 5G has a good storage option of 128GB. The internal storage is expandable by inserting a microSD card into your phone. The smartphone also supports the 4G and 5G VoLTE networks. 

More important specifications of Samsung Galaxy M52 5G

The Samsung Galaxy M52 5G, by Samsung, will be launched in India soon. The speakers of the smartphone are of good quality according to the company. 

The newly launched phone – the Samsung Galaxy M52 5G is a dual sim phone i.e., it has Nano + Namo sim cards and has a Gorilla Glass 3 for extra safety. But for further safety, it is advised to put up a screen guard or a tempered glass. This will protect your phone from any further damage. 

There is a fingerprint sensor, as well, that is provided by the company. This makes it easier and faster to unlock the smartphone whenever it is needed. 

The phone will be available on all the leading e-commerce websites like Flipkart. You can redeem Flipkart coupon codes to get excellent discounts on your purchase of the upcoming smartphone. 


In today’s world, there is an increase in competition, and with each passing day, it just rapidly grows. There are three main functions that a manufacturing company should follow while making smartphones a powerful machine in today’s age – networking systems, powerful applications, and technology. 

The Samsung Galaxy M52 5G will be launched soon by the Samsung company in India. Yet, it has already created a great buzz in the smartphone market. It is a great phone with excellent functions and will not disappoint its users at all! The Samsung Galaxy M52 5G would be a must-try and you should invest in it!  

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