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The Advantages of Studying in Canada for Indian Students


Canada has now emerged as amongst the preferred overseas study destination for students from across the world, including India. The growth has been slow and consistently steady in the past 10 years. Today it is one of the highly sought-after study abroad nations for students from India. 

Students from India are enticed by the multiple benefits including world-class education blended with internship options. Canada also has progressive government policies for work after studies and immigration. The added advantage is the affordable living costs and Indian students cannot ask for more! 

Just a decade ago, overseas education was normally meant for students from an affluent background. It was a status symbol for many than being educated. Canada has completely transformed the scenario as it is a blend of the best from both worlds. If you are seeking the top among the top Universities, you can choose from the University of British Columbia, University of Alberta, University of Toronto, and many more. 

The nation also has the best system of Community Colleges globally. These are perfect if you are seeking shorter duration and affordable programs while also saving living costs. 

The advantages of studying in Canada are numerous. However, for the better understanding of students we have listed here the most beneficial aspects: 

Academic brilliance

The Governments of Canadian provinces ensure that the education quality remains superlative throughout the nation. This is irrespective of the institution type – College or University. Education is the responsibility of Provinces in Canada. You can select from a comprehensive range of Universities for obtaining a Master’s or Bachelor’s degree based on your eligibility. 

Canada also offers several Post-graduate, Advanced and Specialized Diplomas at its various Colleges. This is for those who are seeking short-term and relevant courses for gaining employability skills. 

Universities and Colleges in Canada offer all types of Programs from diverse education streams. These include IT, Engineering, Healthcare, Sports, Agriculture, Management, Economics, Accounting, Petroleum, Mining, Renewable Energies, and various others. You can be assured of finding a relevant Program in almost any stream in Canada. 

Skill Development Focus

The world-class education that we all frequently refer to is not confined to classrooms alone. It also refers to how education equips the learners for facing real-life challenges. Canada addresses this requirement through an amazing system known as the Co-operative Work. This provides students with work opportunities in their appropriate sectors while studying. 

Thus, an Engineering student avails a chance to work in an Engineering firm during the course of study. It prepares the student for facing real-time work challenges while also familiarizing with the ambiance and inculcating discipline. 

Usually, one co-op has a duration of 4 months in 1 year. This means a student enrolled in a 4 year Degree Program obtains valuable 16 months of Canadian work experience during the studies. It implies an unsurpassed competitive advantage to the student in the job market after graduation while seeking permanent work opportunities. 

Most of the Colleges and Universities in Canada have included Co-op as an integral feature in their several programs. 

Learn & Earn

Students in Canada are also permitted to work part-time apart from Co-op. It is for around 20 hours weekly outside or inside the campus. They are also allowed to apply for a Work Permit Post-study of 3 years duration based on the length of the Program. 

A few of the top part-time jobs for students in Canada are: 

  •         Customer Service Assistant
  •         Bookkeeper
  •         Office Assistant

Students also have the chance to find provisional jobs in the summer breaks at: 

  •         Camps
  •         Concerts
  •         Festivals
  •         Holiday venues

Finally, Canada offers innumerable high-paying jobs available for full-time workers. If you are considering staying in Canada upon completion of your studies, you can select from the following Programs that offer the top salaries: 

  •         Bachelors in Informatics  
  •         Bachelors in Nursing 
  •         Bachelors in Agriculture 


Canada has affordable tuition fees in comparison with Universities in other renowned study overseas destinations. It is an incredible option for students from India when you consider the ROI – Return on Investment. This is given amazing employment opportunities both full-time and part-time. Eligible students can also avail benefit from several scholarships for reducing educational costs. 

Life Quality – Safe and Calm

Canada has been regularly ranked amongst the safest nations globally. The Global Peace Index 2020 ranks Canada as the 6th Peaceful nation in the world. Overseas students in Canada are offered the same rights as offered to the citizens. 

Life quality also implies access to basic needs like clean water and air, lower competition in terms of population, sense of space, and others. Also are included diverse life aspects such as access to good education, world-class healthcare, infrastructure, etc. 

Diversity of Cultures 

As a society, Canada is highly forthcoming and warm. People from various nations have been immigrating to the nation for several years. It offers Canada an edge over others in terms of diversity of cultures. 

Canada and its citizens embrace this diversity and consider it to be their forte. Students get to experience multiple ethnic festivals throughout the year. The most amazing thing is that the celebrations are not confined to the specific cultural group but the nation as a whole participates in it. These include Diwali to Christmas and Holi to Chinese New Year. 

Immigration prospects 

Overseas students including Indian students get to spend a good time in Canada. They thus have the best prospects to become citizens of Canada in the future. Adequate time is accessible to them for understanding and embracing the culture in Canada during their studies. Moreover, they also get to work for 3 years in Canada after studies to get acquainted with the work culture. If they wish to live permanently in Canada after this, IRCC presents them with a platform to achieve it. 

The overseas student population in Canada has increased more than thrice in the last 10 years. With 642,000 students in 2019, the nation has reached the third rank globally just behind the US and Australia. 

Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada report reveals that 404,000 new Canada Study Permits were approved in 2019. Indian students remain the single largest group by nationality as they received 140,000 Study Permits of the overall permits. It represents 35% of the total Study Permits offered in 2019. Thus, more numbers of Indian students are opting for Canada as their study abroad destination year after year. 

Top Immigration Consultants in Delhi 

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