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The pandemic has pushed digital to the forefront of our lives over the last year and a half, paving the door for new behaviours and possibilities that have changed our way of living. Riding the wave, shopping platforms have allowed businesses to capitalize on new selling trends. Brands are thus opting out for new ways for their community to interact with them and buy products in real-time.

Shopping, social interaction, and entertainment are all part of Live Video Shopping hence we can say that Live commerce is now a whole new way to shop and generate sales.

Note to Retailers: Live Video Shopping is on the rise.

If you’re not acquainted with it, Livestream shopping is a trend that allows brand influencers and marketers to sell via live streams so that viewers can make purchases, ask questions, demand live testing and watch real-time product launches, all without leaving their homes.

We foresee an increase in demand for Livestream shopping as a way of truly reaching audiences and bringing them closer to the physical purchasing experience without sacrificing all of the advantages of digital shopping.

Live commerce eliminates customer aversion to shopping online by offering the greatest digital alternative for evaluating the look and feel of the product. Customers may ask relevant questions that will assist them to make the choice with live information, which provides real-time interaction. Finally, it allows customers to immediately compare and examine products allowing them to make more educated decisions—something that is missing in traditional shopping. And they can do it completely from the convenience of their own place.

But, maybe most significantly, live commerce or live online shopping humanizes online shopping. Because of the live interaction and absence of editing, businesses can allow the authenticity and spontaneity to come through, fostering genuine and true engagement with their customers. Live Video Shopping may attract audiences of various types, from brand ambassadors to fans and interested consumers.

Many brands have already adopted this live online shopping, and it is rapidly becoming the go-to solution for providing a shopping experience that mimics a genuine marketplace, enabling immediate interaction and increased community involvement.

Involving brand influencers elevates experiences to a higher degree

It is no surprise that influencers have changed the marketing landscape and are now a permanent part of the marketing mix. Because of their existing audiences, real-time interactions, and capacity to drive the whole customer experience on their own, live shopping platforms are now an integral part of a brand’s marketing strategies. 

Brand hosts/influencers may instil brand trust in customers before they make a purchase decision by serving as both a content provider and a relevant peer during a Live Video Shopping show. When viewers watch a Livestream presented by an influencer, they are seeing a peer whom they like and trust, which makes them more open to commercial material and ready to act immediately.

The companies and mega-influencers present their collection during a live shopping stream, attracting consumers and selling out many items throughout the live shop.

Influencers may experiment with various formats, such as launches,flash sales, and behind-the-scenes footage, and leverage their thought leadership to drive consumers through the funnel in an interactive setting. It’s similar to being assisted by a salesperson at a shop.

Why is it on the Rise?

It is because Live Video Shopping is both fun and engaging, and it is an excellent method for businesses to provide the greatest physical buying experience to customers online. The epidemic has forced brands to become more sensitive to the specific requirements of their customers and to rethink their processes. There is no better moment than now for entrepreneurs, sellers, and merchants who have been reluctant to digitize their businesses. 

Investing in omnichannel tactics and pivoting company strategies to provide relevant and timely solutions may help compensate for lost in-store income while also securing a strong pipeline for the future. 

To wrap up

Yes, selling goods via live streaming shopping is no longer something to ponder. It is here and it is happening, and if you do not want to be left behind, you must begin adopting it now.

As customers adjust to this new live shopping environment, brands and retailers must understand their behaviours and expectations in order to succeed. And if you’re looking for a reliable live streaming shopping platform for your business, is here to help. E-mail us at 

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