Things You Need to Know About Grow Tent Kits

There is a reason why indoor grow tents have become a staple for the at-home plant grower. Grow tents transform a shoddy, do-it-yourself home grow into a sleek, professional, and successful one.

A grow tent keeps the entire cultivation room tidy, zipped-up, and discreet. It controls the environment, helps regulate temperature and humidity, and comes well set up for the nuances of plant cultivation.

But what size do you need for your plant-growing goals? There is a big difference between a 2×2 ECO Farm Grow Tent and 5×5 ECO Farm Grow Tent. Not only does size impact the number of plants you can grow, but it also changes the equipment you’ll need, the amperage, and the layout.

For anyone looking for information on grow tents, from ECO Farm Grow Tents to multi-chamber to budget options — this guide is for you.

Are Grow Tents Worth The Expense?

These days, with excessive heat being problematic in many parts of the world, the ability to protect your plants against scorching sun and record high temperatures can mean the difference between growing a successful home garden and squandering your time and money with nothing to show for it.

Even though your grow tent can represent a significant initial investment, it can save you money in the long run. This is because it costs less to provide water, nutrients, and light to your plants with a grow tent.

Because of the reflective mylar interior coating, your return on your investment in lighting is multiplied many times over. Plants receive life and health-giving light from every angle for exactly the right amount of time every day.

Because you completely control the growing environment, you will not experience water waste caused by excessive sun and wind. You will not lose supplements to runoff caused by rain and flooding.

Why Grow the plant in a Grow Tent?

You may not need any convincing about the powers of a grow tent for plant cultivation, but if you do, here is the highlight reel:

All-In-One Grow Room

Building a grow room from scratch can (and does) require a bit of technical know-how. Grow tents set up in a snap, quite literally. They also come pre-set with all the necessary electrical parts, ducts, and doors — no need to break your brain and spend hours researching. Everything you need is there, in the appropriate size and quantity.

Light Proof

Light leakage can cause severe issues once you’ve entered bloom, and it’s not ideal in veg either. Avoid disaster by investing in a light-proof grow tent, with super-thick canvas protecting your plants from unwanted outside light.

Environmental Control

Grow tents give you control not just over light but to a certain extent on humidity, temperature, and VPD.

Reflective Walls

With walls that have a reflective pattern on the interior, grow tents reflect otherwise wasted light back at your plants. Gorilla Grow Tents are only one example of this technology. They have a special diamond-shaped reflector pattern to redistribute photons directly to where they are needed most.

Height Adjustable

Not only can you get a super-short Gorilla Grow Tent coming in under 4’11” tall, but you can also extend the height of the normal 6’11” tents by upwards of 2 feet. Great for small spaces or big-tall plants.

The Top Choice Of The Best Grow Tents:

ECO Farm 5’x5′ Essential Grow Tent Kit — 600W LM301B Quantum Board


The reason why this tent kit is highly recommended is that ECO Farm grow kits are simple to set up and make it easier to begin growing. This tent will produce more buds than you can personally manage. It is suitable for six to ten plants, making it a good choice for growing more than one strain at a time. In addition, this kit includes tents, full-spectrum led lights, and ventilation kits, as well as protect glasses that protect your eyes, grow bags, and scissors. The ECO Farm Essential planting tent kit is removable, so you can take it with you, using 96% highly reflective waterproof diamond polyester film (enhanced reflective effect). 600D highly reflective diamond polyester film, large heavy-duty zipper, and double stitching can prevent light leakage. With the “full-spectrum” design of LED grow light, you can easily grow plants in any growth cycle you need (such as germination, seedlings, vegetables, flowers). The ventilation kit can perfectly eliminate the odor generated in the tent.

Recommendations for other models of grow tent kits

  1. ECO Farm 3’x3′ Complete Grow Tent Kit — 240W LM301B Quantum Board

2. ECO Farm 4’x4′ Essential Grow Tent Kit with ECO Farm DBL5000 480W LED Grow Light

Things To Think About When Choosing Grow Tents

Indoor plant enclosures are so popular today that the market is just booming with choices. This can make shopping very confusing. Here are a few things you should determine before you embark on your shopping trip.

1. What Size Growing Enclosure Do You Need?
Think about your space, the type and number of plants you want to grow, and the amount of room you will need inside to maneuver. If you just want a few shelves of small plants, you may do fine with a setup allowing you to reach inside to care for them without actually entering.

If you are growing a small veggie garden, you will naturally need to be able to work among your plants. You’ll need an enclosure you can enter and move around in comfortably or at least access freely from all sides.

2. How Tall Will Your Plants Grow?

It’s very important you choose a grow tent tall enough to accommodate the maximum height your plants will attain, plus a foot or so. You want plenty of headroom for your plants, and you want the light to reflect off all surfaces well. For the most variety and flexibility, look for a unit with adjustable poles or an extension tent kit or grow box so you can set the height perfect for any plant you decide to grow.

3. Where Do You Plan To Set Up Your “Grow Room”?
If you plan on keeping the growing area indoors or in a sheltered area, such as a garage, you won’t need to be quite as exacting regarding materials and durability.

If your tent is required to fend off the elements, you should naturally seek a unit made of the toughest possible materials. Check the construction to be sure stitches are tight to keep out drafts, pests, and inclement weather.

Be sure to measure your intended location carefully and select a tent that will fit perfectly. You can get small, tabletop tents for cloning and starting seeds that may fit perfectly in the corner of a room. If you plan on dedicating a closet space to your project, you may be able to find a closet-sized grow tent that fits just perfectly.

A tent that’s large enough to free-stand will need to have ample ground space and overhead space. Be sure that the doors of the unit you choose will work with the space you have. You must be able to set your tent up in such a way that you have easy access.

Most growers recommend placing the grow tent in an area with a waterproof floor.


Whether you are growing for personal use or commercial-scale cultivation, a grow tent offers environmental control, discretion, and professionalism. It also makes setup and configuration far more straightforward than trying to sort it out yourself.

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