Tips For Choosing Good Exemplification Topics

Are you looking for some good exemplification topics? If so, this article is perfect for you. You will learn the tips to help you choose the best exemplification topics and how to make them attractive.

Choosing exemplification topics is critical in your writing process because your paper depends on it. A good and quality subject captures the gist of your essay.

What is an exemplification essay?

An exemplification essay is a type of composition that includes an example to demonstrate the thesis or main idea. The goal of exemplification topics is to enable your reader get insight into your essay, adding more weight and validity. Exemplification essay adds context by showing how things can happen in reality if they do exist in theory.

Readers get to clearly understand your viewpoint and believe in the information you are offering them. The following guidelines will help you get started:

  • Deliver correct details
  • Include examples that are relevant to the paper’s topic
  • Use persuasive tone by deploying logical writing and excellent examples
  • Evenly distribute the examples and arguments throughout your essay

It can be challenging to point out the difference between argumentative and exemplification essays at the beginning. With the right topic, it will be a lot easier to carry on with your writing.

Techniques for selecting a topic

When you begin to think immediately, you will start early. Beginning to think about possible topics the moment you are given the assignment helps plan and organize your exemplification topics. Once you prioritize the task in your mind, ideas start to flow.

When you have not been given a topic for your exemplification essay, it means that you have the freedom to choose your topic of interest. Brainstorming is a successful way of getting these ideas on paper. Jot down all ideas that pop up in your mind in point form. It also helps you to narrow it down to a specific topic.

In the end, peruse through your list for consistency in patterns. Consider pursuing the ideas that stand out as your possible topic. At this point, understand that the initial subject you brainstormed might not necessarily be your final subject.

Your exemplification topics should be unique, specific, current, and valuable to assist you in other papers such as your capstone projects. In some cases, your topic choice may be dictated by your ongoing research.

Helpful tips for selecting exemplification topics

  1. Select a theme that interests you

When you write about something you care about, you are likely to have more to help you write better. You can express yourself better with clarity and insight when you write about what you like.

Your interests should go in hand with how much you know about your selected exemplification topic. It can be challenging to argue out an exciting theme you know less about. Extensive research on the subject can be helpful.

  • Pick a topic that is fitting for your paper length. 

One mistake you can make while selecting your topic is choosing a topic that is too wide to be adequately discussed. Broad topics will make you overgeneralize. Select a narrow topic for close observation.

Exemplification essays require the use of specific examples in your paper. When you pick a broad topic that does not offer detailed information, it can be challenging for you to exemplify. Always select a narrow topic that is clear of how and what to write.

  • Your topic should be thought-provoking.

The topic of your choice should be challenging to provoke your reader to think. Your exemplification essay should reflect your unique perspective with the support of examples. Let it not be a restatement of existing ideas on the topic.

A good topic should challenge you and give you room to express your thoughts and engage your reader. Such themes attract your readers since they perceive new and unusual information in your essay.

  • There is room to change your topic.

Once you have selected your topic, do not be scared to change it if it is not working out. A secret to writing a successful exemplification essay is to find a theme you can develop with enough details. Without materials, it can be difficult to accomplish your writing goal.

When you realize your subject choice has limited material, consider changing it. It is a better option rather than grinding out pages on an idea that is a poor choice.

Key takeaway

Exemplification essays might not be the easiest. They are, however, manageable. Your exemplification topics should be specific enough to help you form an opinion. Yet, it should be broad enough to enable you find adequate information to support your subject.

Always avoid topics that will make you summarize your essay instead of discussing and analyzing it. The theme should lead you to a good thesis.

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