Top 10 Cities For Property Investment In India


When you start thinking about the future, you will be concerned about saving and searching for different ways to multiply your savings. Today, Real Estate is one of the Best Options for Long-Term Investment. We can go through the best place to invest in land in India. In 2021, in the major cities, property prices were unchanged, so this is a positive sign for investors. Accordingly, we can check whether 2021 is a better time for Real Estate Investment in India. 

At present, Builders in Kottayam, Kochi, Trivandrum, Thrissur and Calicut owing to many developmental plans by the government and the growth of the IT sector because Kerala is also witnessing rapid growth in the real estate sector. For both lower and middle-income families should take advantage of this opportunity for a better property investment and also take decisions in a proper plan. Currently, which are the top 10 best places to invest in real estate in India. They are

1. Navi Mumbai


To Navi Mumbai real estate, Navi Mumbai International Airport will be a great opportunity for property investors because the first phase is expected to be completed by 2024. In many ways, it will boost the overall need for residential and rental properties. Some of the main upcoming infrastructure projects in Navi Mumbai are:

  • Navi Mumbai will connect MTHL(Mumbai Trans-Harbour Link) through the sea bridge and this will be India’s longest sea bridge.
  • The journey time between the cities will bring less when the Mumbai Pune Hyperloop is completed.
  • In Kharghar, the government is planning to build a Navi Mumbai Corporate Park through which it will become a tourism hub.

2. Pune

Why Pune?

Yes, “Pune is the destination with the 3rd largest contributor to India’s IT exports and it handles 13% of the states’ GDP. Once it was known as the pensioner’s city but now it is a rapidly developing Indian city.

So for home buyers, Pune is giving an attractive ROI(Return on Investment) in property values. Moreover, rental incomes are an asset for investors and it is promising in the region.


  • The upcoming project of Pune is the new Pune International Airport in Purandar Tehsil, this can boost the economic activities of the neighbouring region especially.
  • In Chakan, the Colossal industrial park is another project oncoming. As well this is an ideal location for factories, so it creates an industrial cluster.
  • The main impressive plan is the High Capacity Mass Transit Route(HCMTR), which will provide uninterrupted connectivity to the Pune districts. 

3. Mumbai



“Mumbai, the city of dreams”, there are some destinations that will see an unusual hike in property values. South Mumbai, South Central Mumbai and Western Suburbs are the big-budget regions in Mumbai.

Mumbai Metro is one of the most expected infrastructure projects in the city with a total of 14 network lines. With other rising cities like Navi Mumbai, Mumbai Trans-Harbour Link(MTHL) will connect Mumbai. So Mumbai remains always a favourite destination for property developers and investors.

4. Thane

“Thane city of lakes” is an ideal destination for real estate investment in India because it has the key factor of affordability and connectivity to Mumbai. Besides, large commercial regions and social infrastructure expansion support the high appreciation and higher rental yield.


The oncoming Metro project will bring vast connectivity to Thane. Moreover, TMC has planned for the Urban Rail Transit System(LURTS) to connect Central Railway Station and Metro lines.

5. Bangalore

Why is Bangalore a real estate investment?

At present, “It’s time for revamping, it’s time to relocate”.

Bangalore is another location for property investment because of the ease of living and IT hubs are expanding. As well, manufacturing is an important factor for real estate investment, especially in North and South Bangalore.


Metro lines have a positive impact on connecting to the developing areas especially with neighbouring regions. Bangalore-Mysore Infrastructure Corridor is an expressway of four-six lanes that connects central cities such as Bangalore, Mysore and other regions in Karnataka.

6. Chennai

“Chennai is such a beautiful place to perform in ”, so mainly two reasons are there for property investment. They are at all-time low rates and many discounted deals are offered by the leading property developers.

The main notable trend in Chennai is the exposure of surrounding locations giving more buying opportunities. The chance is arising because of IT, Auto industries in the surrounding areas.

The upcoming infrastructure of Chennai is the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI). It is a plan to develop the Chennai -Bangalore Highway that can reduce the distance between megacities by 50-60kms. It will bring up the economies of both cities by strengthening the connectivity.

The Chennai Metro Rail Limited(CMRL) is another rising development, it is planning to develop a CMBT rail corridor.

7. Hyderabad

“A city of chants and charms”, is one of the most affordable cities to invest in real estate. The cost of living is low with great infrastructure, these facilities are the main factors that attract the real estate investment in Hyderabad.

Besides, Hyderabad city is connected with strong networks of highways such as NH-163, NH-765 NH-44, NH-65. South and Central Railway Zones and Rajiv Gandhi International Airport give awe-inspiring transportation facilities.


These are the notable highlights of the popularity of Hyderabad for investment in real estate in India. 

8. Noida

“Enjoy the love of Nature in Noida”

Planned Infrastructure and affordability is the key driver of real estate development in Noida. The Jawar airport will boost the overall employment in the region because it will be a game-changer. Furthermore, airport proximity will help to settle the MNC companies in the region of Noida.


Today, the best way to invest your hard-earned money is in commercial property in Noida and you will get handsome returns. Maintenance is easy, better appreciation is the main supporting factor to spend money in real estate in Noida. Day-by-day, the demand is also increasing for the commercial plot in Noida.

9. Ahmedabad

The “cultured city” Ahmedabad is experiencing an annual growth of 2-4% in real estate.

10After the pandemic, the capital and rental values in Ahmedabad have started to move up, this is always a positive sign for the property investment. Most of them are preferring  Ahmedabad east, so new launches have been a considerable increase.

The great infrastructure development and bus rapid transit and robust metro connectivity are the outstanding features of the Public Transport System in Ahmedabad. Furthermore, For Gujarat, the Ahmedabad smart city project is a dream project. In India, it would be among the first 20 smart cities.


10. Kolkata

“Kolkata Is An Emotion, An Obsession”

Kolkata is one of the reasonable real estate lands for investment in real estate in India.

Due to the growth of infrastructural facilities all over the city, there has been a rise in the real estate market in Kolkata.



 At present, sales volume has increased and new projects are launched in the city.

Recently, The New Garia-Airport metro corridor has started, it is connected from New Town VI to the Airport Terminal.


When we are investing money in real estate we need to consider several aspects before we put your savings as a down payment. The main factors are the city, the locality, the price per square meter and the available civic amenities and infrastructure, all these factors should have their role in your real estate investment decision. If you are looking for a better property or for making your dream come true in your land in India in 2021 you can consider one of these cities. 

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