Top Five Netflix Series To Watch On A Rainy Day


There are plenty of shows on Netflix but only a few of them can go well with the weather of the day. If it is a rainy day that has not allowed you to go to your office and you want to watch something good on Netflix, then the following shows must be considered by you!


Black Lightning season 4 is reported to be the last season of the show by The Next Hint. The show managed to garner a lot of attention and praise for the portrayal of an African-American superhero by Cress Williams. It is not a regular superhero show which you can pass as it has a lot more to it than what appears to be on the surface. If it is a rainy day in your city and you have got nothing better to do, then you must tune into this show and have a great time while sipping a cup of coffee. It is guaranteed that you will not feel disappointed with this series and will think why it ended so quickly.


It is a show which resonates with the feelings of many cinema lovers and it is regarded as one of the most finely crafted shows to ever exist in the history of American television. The show is famous for not just the portrayal of characters by Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul, but for the many fun sequences which are still recreated by a lot of digital creators to get some attention on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. You can enjoy this show on not just a rainy day but every single day when you feel like watching it.

  • DARK

A rather confusing show which had to offer a lot to its viewers and ended up getting praised for its take on time traveling. This German show is considered to be one of the most well-made drama series based on time traveling and it is cherished by a lot of people across the globe. Whenever you feel like your brain cells are not working at their full capacity, you can get them to work by watching this show on a rainy day.


Rick and Morty has become a cultural phenomenon and the same can be said about its cast and characters who have managed to pull off some extremely tough voiceover jobs in the show for some of the funniest characters. The show has cameo appearances from many Hollywood celebrities with Danny Trejo to name one of those. If you ever feel bored, you should check this show out and have fun on a rainy day.


The atmosphere of thrill, horror and suspense which this show carries can be best enjoyed on a rainy day. That is why we recommend this show to watch on a rainy day so that you can have the maximum amount of fun while watching this show on a rainy day.

Watch them all and let us know which one you like the most and keep visiting this space for more such awesome content!

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