Why are Candle Boxes more attractive than the product?

Why are Candle Boxes more attractive than the product?

Candles are a luxurious, incredibly cheap, and eye-catching item that creates a sense of warmth and relaxation in the environment, and people commonly use them to enhance the flavour to their homes on special occasions. Candles are an item that is noticed in almost every home around the world. Whether you use them to celebrate someone, enhance the atmosphere, celebrate a birthday, or have a romantic dinner, they can all look impressive. 

The candle industry has grown by one-third in the last two years. The candle is a product whose market is rapidly expanding all over the world. As we approach Christmas, a lovely scent is exactly what everyone demands. More specifically, the age of bathroom selfies, bloggers and celebrities who used to arrange pretty flower arrangements, or an aesthetic book, and like a glowing bell in the background. The candle market has grown at an increased speed in the last two years compared to the majority of the fragrance business industry.

Choosing the materials:

The candle’s packaging design must be capable of handling the products’ shipment and storage load inside the box. The product packaging should be assured as sturdy as possible to resist the extreme pressure and maintain the candle shape.

The box material should have a strong showing that helps the package to look both perfect and attractive. In the allure of clients, good quality prints play a major part. Brands sometimes choose some printing techniques which tend to smudge packaging text, which gives the customers a terrible image.


The company must ensure that the candle is kept in the customized box to satisfy clients and persuade consumers to buy their goods. In order to improve the visual appearance and improve your company objectives, several printing processes are used on the market. You have a possibility option of choosing certain layouts that fit your goods and brand precisely online. You can also think up a design yourself if you are imaginative enough. You must be careful during in the design of your box that the design is not too complex when opening the case. When clients have a hard time unwrapping, they get frustrated.

Helps your brand stand out

Thousands of candle varieties are accessible on the market. A new marketing technique and different labels have now been developed for each brand. Brand packaging is one of the quickest ways to differentiate the brand between this rivalry in the market. Many specialists can consult you for better sales. there are several, specially made candlestick holders are a great initiative to create your own identity.  Add a logo that shows and recognizes your brand. This facilitates easy recognition of your brand and helps customers to make potential purchases.

Types of printing techniques:

The following are the most popular and effective printing techniques:

  • Lithography
  • Flexography 
  • Digital 
  • Rotogravure 
  • Silkscreen 


This technique can be used for your perfume boxes as the lithographs have been designed for use on foldable boxes. You can achieve a soft matte touch or a super high gloss according to your preferences.


This technique is used to create flexible packaging, such as sachets. You can store your candle jar in an enticing pouch to make your brand stand out. The most significant benefit of flexography is that it is less expensive as a result.


Labels, corrugated, and folding boxes are all printed digitally. The disadvantage of this method is that large volumes can be expensive. In this regard, lithography is better compared to digital printing; however, the both of are comparable.


This method is also a fantastic choice for your candle box. The silkscreen can be used to embellish jars, bottles, or mugs. It has the advantage of being able to be used on smaller volumes, which adds to the benefits.

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