Why is an internship important for career growth?

Why is an internship important for career growth?

Gaining industry experience has benefits whether you are in high school, college, or entering the workforce. Regardless of your current education level or chosen career path, an internship can encourage your growth.

By reviewing the following advantages of internships, you can determine whether or not it is something you want to pursue. This article defines why internships are important before delving into the topic more in-depth, with 12 reasons why an internship is essential.

Why is an internship important?

An internship is crucial because it can present you with new skills and opportunities that you would not receive otherwise. Interns gain technical knowledge within the industry of their choice. Still, they also learn how to interact in a workplace setting and develop essential skills like time management, organization, adaptability, problem-solving and teamwork.

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Here are 12 reasons that elaborate on why an internship is essential to your personal and professional development:

Tests industry knowledge

Learning in a classroom setting makes you get less. You need to apply in real-life what you have learned. For example, a student learns about business in a course for their communication major. Then, they use what they learned about email behaviours to write clear and short email memos during their time as a communications intern.

It helps you figure out your interests.

You might think you know the work you want, but you won’t know it is the correct fit until you get professional experience. This is one main reason why internships are so crucial when deciding on a career. For instance, you might envision yourself as an elementary school teacher. Still, after completing a two-week internship, you realize you enjoy caring for your students more than trying to teach them a lesson plan. This helps you examine that you want to pursue pediatric nursing.

Creates new interests

Internships do not always have to compare to your selected field. If you wish to continue a career in nursing and have a fascination with special needs teaching, determine to explore that area further. By taking part in a specific needs internship and volunteer opportunity, you might discover a new interest of yours, and with it, a primary career path to pursue.

Connects you to industry professionals

Internships allow you to network with professionals within your industry. If your internship location has interns working for them, this is a fantastic opportunity to make professional bonds with one another. Then, you can help one another obtain positions and get recommended for opportunities at your corporates.

Allows you to learn in a safe environment

One main reason internships are valuable is that they offer the optimal experience to discover your positives and negatives. When an intern makes a mistake at their internship, they can learn how to show it, but more necessary, move forward from it.

Allows you to get paid to learn

While not all internship opportunities offer paid work, many provide pay along with valuable entry-level experience. These programs might have skill requirements for applicants as they come with hourly pay.

Getting a paid internship can also predict well for you with future employers, as this experience shows how your skill level contributed to you getting a paid internship opportunity.

Provides possible credit for your college degree

Some colleges and, more specifically, majors and concentrations might need students to complete an internship to count as a course on their transcript. Therefore, completing an internship for your university can help you obtain industry experience and get closer to achieving your degree.

Allows you to gain more internship opportunities potentially

Completing one internship can be an excellent way to obtain another later on. For example, your previous internship sponsor might ask you to return for another internship, and you can use your experience to spotlight your qualifications in your resume, cover letter and any extra internship interviews.

Previous internship experience helps you examine during your next opportunity that you are committed to gaining professional knowledge and have the expertise to help you in the position.

Creates a unique travel experience

Internships can also make a unique and exciting opportunity for young professionals to travel. An international position helps interns gain industry experience, learn more about a distinct culture, explore their new location, and practice language skills while completing their internship.

It inspires you to learn more about an industry.

The right internship can motivate you to be more passionate about your desired job title and industry. This allows you to examine and decide what you want to major in while in college and explore other potential career paths within your preferred industry. In addition, you can gain industry knowledge by getting certifications that help you advance your skillset.

Teaches you about the benefits of work-life balance

When you attend your college, you might have a basic schedule that allows you to work out, take a nap and meet with others between classes. But, unfortunately, the typical office job makes for a very different schedule. By completing an internship, you can learn about prioritizing tasks as exercising, socializing before and after your workday.

This helps you develop your management skills, as your new schedule makes you think more about how to structure your basic daily routine around office hours.

Introduces you your office politics

Interning in an office is the perfect place to examine office politics and learn how to approach them. Office politics include office gossip, general attitudes and behaviours or the order of an authority. In addition, we are learning that general workplace culture can teach you how to maintain good relationships with future coworkers and communicate effectively with upper management to make changes or ask for guidance.

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